Sunday, November 19, 2017

Thank you

I was in a check out line in the supermarket. There was an elderly man in the line checking out what he had bought. He had a baseball type cap on with veterans things on it one of which was a WWII Vet patch.

Did you ever kick yourself for not doing what your impulse said you should to do? I wanted to walk over to him and thank him for his service in, perhaps, the only "good and moral war" this nation has waged in the 20th century and in this century in my memory.

I was born after 1945 but WWII is remembered often by me perhaps because I am Jewish but also because of the tenor of unity this nation felt at that time.  It is something I love about that era and wish that unity were here now.

I did not thank him as I became shy but now I wish I had. I will never get the chance to do that now but at least on social media I can make a public statement to those vets of WWII -- THANK YOU SO MUCH. This nation saved my grandparents and some aunts from certain Nazi annihilation in the Poland and the Ukraine if they remained there. I thought that episode of anti Semitism was over but it is not over as it rises again because the immoral president Trump makes room for right wing Nazis, KKK and Jew hating extremists. In Europe nationalism and its accompanying antisemitism hovers over that continent like the plague of death. Poland recently had a nationalist parade of thousands in the street accompanied by what else Jew hating extremists which were so much a part of Polish and Eastern European culture. They hated the Nazis in Poland but many loved when Jews were taken from their midst saying "Bye Jews, bye Jews."

So I thank in spirit that elderly man whom I wish now I thanked in person while he and I are alive. Thank you, sir, for your service!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

How Politics and Bad Decisions Starved New York’s Subways--My Comment: Betrayal

Our nation is crumbling and the beast in the oval office can only try to get his signature tax bill a HUGE windfall for the 2% wealthiest on the little guy's back passed. Drumpf stands to gain at least a BILLION bucks and with the inheritance tax waived his putrid offspring will get it all. Teachers won't be able to deduct the supplies they pay for out of their own pocket for their students but the 2% will get their billions. Many will get no state property taxes deduction as the 2% wealthiest drown in their tax cuts. You, the middle class, will get a tax increase. Our national debt will increase ultimately by trillions.  Billions will be taken out of health care as he sneaks the eradication of the ACA mandate to kill it just as more people are signing up.  He will make Medicare more expensive for seniors who are hurting.  This is how he pays for his tax cuts to the billionaires.  They are tax cuts for the rich and tax increases for everyone else.  He will and has cut food for children and will cut more programs for the poor. He flouts the Constitution's emoluments clause and laughs all the way to the bank making money on us, we the people and we let him just what our Founders did NOT want.

No one knows how much god save me I hate that man in the oval office and what ugly offspring sprung from his ugly loins. He is the evil antiChrist the Evangelicals talk so much about. Look to yourselves Evangelicals is THIS what you think Christianity is all about -- multiple divorces, multiple harassments, multiple businesses where he does NOT pay the people who worked for him, multiple conflicts of interest and unsavory Cretans even the Russian mafia and money launderers with whom he associates.  He is the Judas of our time and the name TRUMP on buildings is the 30 pieces of silver he trades for betrayal of a nation.  You may call it betrayal but I call it treason!

Putin has got something HUGE on this beast and the beast knows it which is why he kisses Putin's ring every chance he can get. He is MADNESS incarnate and will get us all killed but keep voting for these  Republicons and you will reap what you sow. You will pay through the nose while the 2% takes the money and runs to Panama the laundering capital of the world only to make more money than they already have but do not need. You will see no jobs, no money nothing as we have seen through decades that trickle down economics does not work it does not create jobs.

Unfortunately those who are the ethical among us will be taken down this unethical path with him. 


RESIST as you have never resisted before!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Jesus Instructs

I love Al Franken and think this woman, although I support her right to speak out, is making much ado about not very much.  By the way, in the photo Franken is not touching the woman but making a gesture like he was and thinking it funny. It of, course now, is not funny but holy god pillorying Franken for this is ABSURD when our chief executive is guilty of so much more and Roy Moore's actions against teenage girls by an adult man are DISGUSTING.  He refuses still to admit them though the women are eminently believable.

Pray why doncha, Roy Moore you alleged man of god hypocrite, who proselytizes to others that they should reform their ways. Only god, if there is one,  can forgive your putrid actions. The fact that the religious wingnuts cannot see the forest through the trees is just plain sad. They by acquiescing to this behavior are complicit in it.

I direct these so called "religious" wingnuts to what Jesus said since they claim to love him so much: 

"Suffer the little children to come unto me ... But who so shall offend one of these little ones it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.  Woe unto the world because of offenses! for it must needs be that offenses come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh!"

Take that, Roy Moore, you pedophile hypocrite sickening excuse for a human and shame to those who protect this vile man!  I remind you also of another Jesus admonition:

"You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye."

I rest my case.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

I know sexual harrassment when I see it

My Comment: Clearly we, indeed, are in a Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment of women moment. Joe Biden is NOT Harvey Weinstein nor is he Donald Trump and certainly he is not smarmy hypocrite Judge Moore. As is characteristic in this country of nearly every political movement whether it is the protests of the late 1960's or the Tea Party of contemporary time it is taken to an irrational extreme thereby negating in it some good for which it stands.

I believe not only because I love Joe Biden but because he stands for progressive policies that are pro women and more with which I agree and because he is pure and simply a nice, humane and compassionate man.

If we have come to a place where innocent comments of a woman being pretty or innocent pecks on some woman's cheek by a man of power can be labeled sexual harassment then this nation is headed over a nihilist cliff where nothing or no one can be taken seriously.

It is a far cry from a man simply giving a woman a peck on the cheek or telling her she is pretty to the sickening sexual things Trump, Weinstein and religious wingnut Judge Moore have done. Joe Biden is NOT Donald Trump nor is he surely Judge hypocrite Moore.

Let's not take this to an extreme we as a nation do so often when movements form. We ruin them. Joe is Joe and Moore is Moore. Like Justice Potter Stewart said of pornography "I know it when I see it" I know what a sexual harasser of women is and Joe Biden unlike the sick harassers Trump and the religious hypocrite Moore, Joe Biden is not it!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Senate Plans to End Obamacare Mandate in Revised Tax Proposal

These Republican beasts NEVER take a breath [see link below.] This is the so called "Christian" way? Take health care away from those who need it but cannot afford it? This is what they want to do to the nation?  This is what their base elected them to do?

Oh yes, and don't forget, Republicans, send a pedophile to the US Senate.  That ought to help our world wide reputation!

RESIST these deplorable excuses for humanity!


To Be or Not--America's Shakespearean dilemma (short)--Constant Contemplation

To Be or Not: Politics is so slimy and so bad that my motivation to overcome it and help save the humane nation I once knew has ebbed. The Republican Party thinks Democrats are wrong and evil. God knows the Democrats, including me, think the opposition is ugly in character, unintelligent, unthinking and evil so no one listens to each other. It is hard when neither Democrats (me) nor Republicans (them) can budge. 

It is impossible for me to cooperate with white supremacists, part of the Republican essence, who are intent on killing the nation and us who think the way we do and who by genetics's command are in it. I live in constant contemplation of what to do and is it up to me to help do this seemingly impossible task?

Shakespeare's brilliant Hamlet soliloquy written it is estimated between 1599 and 1602 contemplating whether he should live or die trying to overcome his tragic realities is one for our age over 400 years later. Think on it as it relates to our national present dilemmas. What can we do to save ourselves and rectify the plethora of unjust national wrongs our nation has committed? What can we do when violence is not the answer and the obstacles are so seemingly insurmountable?

HAMLET: To be, or not to be--that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles
And by opposing end them. To die, to sleep--
No more--and by a sleep to say we end
The heartache, and the thousand natural shocks
That flesh is heir to. 'Tis a consummation
Devoutly to be wished. To die, to sleep--
To sleep--perchance to dream: ay, there's the rub,
For in that sleep of death what dreams may come
When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,
Must give us pause. There's the respect
That makes calamity of so long life.
For who would bear the whips and scorns of time,
Th' oppressor's wrong, the proud man's contumely
The pangs of despised love, the law's delay,
The insolence of office, and the spurns
That patient merit of th' unworthy takes,
When he himself might his quietus make
With a bare bodkin? Who would fardels (burdens) bear,
To grunt and sweat under a weary life,
But that the dread of something after death,
The undiscovered country, from whose bourn
No traveller returns, puzzles the will,
And makes us rather bear those ills we have
Than fly to others that we know not of?
Thus conscience does make cowards of us all,
And thus the native hue of resolution
Is sicklied o'er with the pale cast of thought,
And enterprise of great pitch and moment
With this regard their currents turn awry
And lose the name of action. ..."

Monday, November 13, 2017

Roy Moore says he dated ‘a lot of young ladies,’ but ‘not generally' teens in Hannity interview

NOT GENERALLY? GENERALLY BUT THE OLD SEX PERVERTED CREEP MEANS SOMETIMES? And he usually asked their mother for permission. Are you kidding me? Would a woman in her 30's need her mother's permission to go on a date?

Generally means to me sometimes; he did sometimes have sexual relations with a teenage girl but not GENERALLY meaning NOT USUALLY but SOMETIMES after he asked her mother for permission. Such a pious man who put the 10 commandments in his courtroom -- BESTIAL HYPOCRITE. There must be a commandment that says "Thou shalt NOT have sexual relations with an underage person!" One can be sure if the accuser were male Moore's supporters would melt away. Should not matter. Sex with an underage person is sex with an underage person period end of story.

Our classless president will feel very comfortable with Roy Moore in the Senate. I think he can relate to him. DISGUSTING! Makes one ashamed to be an American and surely has made America not so great again!

No more of Moore -- The pedophile Moore's reaction to pedophilia

This vile story is about whom the state of Alabama may and probably will send to our illustrious body, the US Senate.  Read it and weep for how depraved the Republican part of our electorate who would do this has become.  This takes our nation to a new low if Alabamians decide to send this pedophile defending and perpetrating Cretan Roy Moore to the US Senate because they would rather vote for a pedophile Republican candidate than a Democrat.  No more of Moore: See story below and send this to whomever you chose.  RESIST!

By: SemDem posted in the Daily Kos

It was an open and shut case. A daycare center employee, Eric Higdon, raped a 12-year old child. He was found guilty under a sodomy statute specific to minors by all members of the 9-judge panel supreme court in Alabama.
Actually, make that all 9 members except one.

Judge Roy Moore.

Moore stated there was “no evidence in this case of an implied threat of serious physical injury.” A child was raped. What kind of “judge” says that?
The exact same judge who sexually assaulted a 14-year old girl in a court custody case!
It’s not like Alabama GOP voters didn’t know about Moore’s awful decision: his primary opponent blanketed the airwaves with ads attacking him for it. Alabama GOP voters just didn’t give a ****.  They voted for him overwhelmingly anyway.

(What got lost in Moore’s scandals was the fact that he was entirely unqualified to begin with--Moore was twice removed from the Alabama’s top court for violating the U.S. Constitution.)

But now, Alabama GOP voters recently learned that Moore took a 14-year old child—whom he promised her mother he would watch while she attended a custody hearing— to his home in the woods, gave her alcohol, stripped her, slobbered over her, and tried to guide her hand to his private area.
I wanted it over with. Please just get this over with. Whatever this is, just get it over! --Leigh Corfman on Roy Moore’s sexual assault to the Washington Post
Moore didn’t ask forgiveness, and in fact, is currently fundraising off this incident.
That should have been the end of his political career.  But those same so-called “God-fearing” voters rushed to his defense.  They didn’t argue that this wasn’t true, mind you, just that it was OK.
Sick, perverted bastard is still the GOP’s choice
Their defenses of Moore’s sexual assault have been just as appalling as they are:  (All of these are real)
  • Jesus’ dad did it — so Moore was being Biblical
  • It was so long ago that she’s the age of consent NOW
  • Only one of his victims was 14-years old-— the rest were 16 and 17
  • Yeah, 14-years old but c’mon, it was probably consensual (Hannity)
  • It was the girl’s fault somehow for not making “good decisions”
  • The rape wasn’t “forcible” enough to be a concern
  • Screw the victims, they should all be prosecuted for coming forward now
  • Yeah, child rape and all….but at least he’s not a Democrat—I’m voting for him anyway
Then Alabama State Rep. Ed Henry, Donald Trump’s Alabama campaign co-chairman, asked if there were any pictures.
That’s it.  I’m out.

Hey, Trump voters: I don’t care what Bernie or anyone else says about your needs, anxieties, or economic troubles.  

When you can justify the rape or assault of children, I’m done with you.
You pedophile-loving, sexual-assault defending, Bible-thumping, Putin-worshipping, evil, authoritarian racist losers can all drown for all I care. (Or, what would be more likely, shoot each other up.) If these are the values of the so-called “heartland”, than f*** the heartland.

You embrace hatred of your fellow man, yet promote lust for someone’s else’s child. Then you have the sick audacity to say you promote “family values”.   You don’t need economic help--you need psychological help.  The only people worse than you are the GOP silent enablers who excuse every monstrous thing because speaking out might mean they won’t get to kick a poor person in the teeth anymore.

You can have them...
To be blunt, there are too many rational people with a basic sense of decency that we need to be courting. Hell, there’s a ton more people who are already on our side that we can go after that simply don’t bother to go out and vote! (Although your constant assaults on their families are helping fix that.)

I used to listen to people who said we need to try to align because we are both being used by the establishment. No more. You folks deserve every piece of suffering you inflict on yourselves. Do this nation a favor and leave. GO somewhere far where you won’t hurt anyone else—your own land where you can fetishize assaults—albeit women, children or rifles. This is who you are now and what you do.  Go burn in hell.
We’re done with you.

Wednesday, November 08, 2017


Last night's bellwether election was won by the forces of light.  It was won by those of us who want to embrace our diverse nation the culture of which was formed by men of genius nearly 250 years ago.  It has been called the world's last great hope for the blessings of liberty and a nation which is not ruled by the whim of tyrants but by the compassion of the people and its laws.  It is and always has been a work in progress.  Over the past year and really before that this nation has been tested whether the forces of evil, hate and darkness will force it to go the way other cultures in other centuries have gone killing hope only to bring tyranny and oppression upon those who have no power, no money, no health and no hope to stand up against it. Our lives and theirs are at risk if we, cannot stop the evil among us who through never ending mendacity, never ending meanness, never ending crudity and and never ending malevolence try to pit us one against the other.

The fight is not over through one election cycle.  It is a never-ending war of ideas without violence but our opposition, if they deem it necessary, will not hesitate to use violence.  Over 300 million guns they hold in their hands which hands are itching to use.  The weapon we will use will be through the ballot, the most lethal weapon on earth. We need to take last night's victory of hope and go on to win more much more never giving up, never faltering and never failing.  We will continue to see the minions of madness carrying the Tiki torches of dark light.  We will continue to see KKK crosses that light up the night sky and will not hesitate to murder the powerless innocent.  Worse, a major Party, the Republican Party, has taken those dark forces in, placed their arms around neo-Nazis and other nationalist ministers of doom and have given them voice, taking them out of their hiding place and placing them in the halls of power with a man who has allowed them that power. Through his small hands Trump can light up a July 4th sky that inflicts massive destruction, war, suffering and the death of innocents.

The magnificence of Churchillian eloquence appending Martin Luther's King's thoughts of non-violence I find energizing:  "... whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender." One can be assured the evil, the cruelty and the hate of this Trumpian era has not gone away.  The Tiki torches will still with poison burn and those that carry them will continue to say "Jews will not replace us" yelling "blood and soil," a familiar Nazi phrase.  Trump and his minions, messengers of hate and division, cannot stand.  Trump, taunts an unstable youth and, ironically, becomes a clone of Kim Jong Un, a tyrant he alleges to despise.  He will continue to taunt that man Kim Jong Un who needs but one excuse to explode the only commodity North Korea can export -- a nuclear device.  The innocent of Asia, the innocent thousands of American lives and, indeed, the innocent around the globe will be enlisted to wage a massive war, the fear of which has been reignited by the sickening forces of Trump.

The baton was passed to us by the Greatest Generation and now when the light of our batons has ebbed we must pass it to the next generation to be passed by them on to the next.  This nation must be a nation of free men and women whose great Lady Liberty standing with perpetual light in New York Harbor, has been the beacon of hope to immigrant millions, my own grandparents among them, hearkens and in pertinent part says: "Keep ancient lands, your storied pomp! cries she with silent lips.  Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, the tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

The political fight against Trumpian tactics and mendacious madness goes on.  We must fight them as Martin Luther King said with "non-violence the only road to freedom."  A political war must continue to be waged against an incompetent man on whom some in this nation have seen fit to bestow unimaginable power.  Trump is a narcissistic bully who got lucky in life and who managed to acquire great wealth first through inheritance then developing that wealth, often through unethical means to ultimately hoard it and con a nation into the oval office to reap its immense taxpayer wealth for himself. 

The forces of evil that exist in some of this land that allowed him to prevail must be unceasingly resisted.  I hope justice will prevail and Trump will reap the nation's Muellerian harvest.  Trump must not win and we must not let him. We must see to it that this cancer does not spread throughout our body politic.  We are better than that.  It requires our vigilance and our attempt to seek that power through the ballot, the strongest power on earth, to stop him. 

Last night was a first step on a journey of many steps.  If he wins the light of Lady Liberty's torch goes out and Benjamin Franklin's famous quote to a woman who asked him what the Founders had given us; he said "A Republic if you can keep it."  I would answer Dr. Franklin by saying keep it we will! 


Sunday, November 05, 2017

Hiding in Plain Sight

As a lifelong ardent Democrat I have seen this Party snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory. What does internecine warfare get us? Answer: nowhere. Let the bickering go. It does nothing to achieve the policy on which most Democrats and Progressives agree.

Chuck Todd and other mainstream reporters will milk the Donna Brazille story for all its worth pitting Democrats against other Democrats. Do 
let them. The election is over. Now it is time to unite even if we do not get everything we want.

Generally Democr
ats agree on the big issues so stop squabbling which allows Drumpf to take full advantage of it as the media often does. The media wants you to tune to sell its commercials and does not care if the story is about a bear eating someone's lunch or if Democrats are fighting with other Democrats. It will sensationalize it as if that story is the most important when, in fact, there is a combustible world on the brink of total war with a sick know nothing at the helm carrying the football toward a destructive end zone. The media is about how many viewers and it can get at our expense IF we let it. Do not or we get Trump; maybe someone as bad or even worse if that is possible!

I am dismayed because every time I think Drumpf is sunk I turn on the news and see them trying to make a negative story about anything else they can. This time Democrats are front and center which should not be front page news. Depression sets in but we must turn that off and concentrate who we are.

Whatever the Democratic strategy the essence of the Party will be and is a thousand times more humane and accepting of human difference than what the Republican Party is as a Party of the 2% wealthiest with old very old dogma proven false. The wealth of the richest 2% by lowering its tax rate will NOT trickle down to you and now a Party where the KKK and neo Fascist racists Nazis can find a hiding place in plain sight. Whatever Democrats are they are infinitely better than that!


Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Terror in our hearts

Attacks on innocents make me sick.  Most are naturally appalled by it again and again and again. Terror attacks on the defenseless have been perpetrated in nearly every continent on earth by religious or political extremists (including right wing extremists.)  They make me ill and, worse, make me feel impotent to stop any of it.  Memories take me back to childhood when at 10 years old thoughts swam around my head that I was so lucky among millions around the world who did not share that luck that in this nation I could say anything, go anywhere and associate with whomever I wished without fear for my life or fear of arrest by powers that did not approve of my thoughts or my friends. 

It is crystal clear those days of historical good fortune, the geographical luck permitting our safety and the freedom from fear have fled. In all probability, within my lifetime those feelings of what it is like to be truly free and feel safe are forever gone.  No longer can one do the simplest act like shopping or movie going or riding a bike or even walking or window shopping without risk in the most benign settings.  It is abundantly clear that mantra swimming around in my head is now "if you see something say something" and I cannot stop that thought swimming in my mind like fish swimming in an aquarium as it keeps going round and round and round without end.   If you see something say something even if it is so seemingly non-threatening as an empty bag or a truck rental.  The reality that bag could explode and kill innocent hundreds is chilling. Our nation's civilians, too, are armed to the teeth even though most here do not have guns but the few that do have multiples of them and possess attachments to them that create a slaughter like Las Vegas.  Outrage of it goes silent.

It has been said more attacks have come in the west because ISIS is taking its last breath defeated in the Middle East in their capital Raqqa cities of Mosul and more.  I believe, though, ISIS is not defeated because it is an idea easily spread from one alienated human and religious fanatic to another and most especially on that ubiquitous invasion of all of our lives the Internet.  Moreover, ISIS is setting up camp now in Africa.  ISIS may be gone in their once stronghold Raqqa but the ideas of ISIS will never be gone and require constant vigilance and upgrades of those forces who want to prevent the poisonous ideas that injure often permanently and kill so many.  ISIS is an entity in and of itself and is a murderous belief for which most major religions do not advocate.

Our greatest challenge is to resist the indictment of all because of the perpetration of the few.  The fear I loathe along with all the innocent lives upended going for a bike ride in New York on a gorgeous fall day is that the murderer, Saipov, according to the NYT, came to the United States from Uzbekistan in 2010, and according to the Times had a green card that allowed permanent legal residence. That gives Trump and those who support his indictment and hatred of the many for the actions of a few ammunition for imposing his travel ban and other discriminatory acts so far restrained by the courts until Trump places in the courts extremist right judges who will sweep up those they do not politically like under the guise of keeping everyone safe.  If that becomes reality none of us will be free or safe --- ever; not here not abroad nor in our living room at home fearing the ubiquitous knock at the door questioning our patriotism. 

It should not be lost to our minds and surely will not be lost to history that ISIS would NOT have been born if it were not for the fracturing beyond recognition of the Middle East through the US  imprudent, illegal and certainly immoral invasion of Iraq, a war killing thousands in a country that did nothing to us.  All those innocent human beings killed by ISIS one can trace back originally to the civil war in Iraq because George Bush and his cohorts knew nothing of history and much less about the history of Iraq and certainly not of the Middle East as a whole.  ISIS was never in iraq until the US invaded it.  Millions have been slaughtered and millions of refugees are running for their lives as the sectarian divisions became exacerbated when the US shock and awe invaded Iraq ostensibly in retaliation for 9/11. Except the perpetrators of 9/11 were not from Iraq.  ISIS and those like it are the fruits of insane US military actions, poorly thought out, and ignorant of history.  Now we are  existentially threatened by a presidential know nothing mental danger who occupies the oval office in the White House with nukes!  Attacks on the west by ISIS give Trump cover for his murderous actions and ideas bathed in hate. Elections have consequences. The ignorance of Trump should strike terror in all of our hearts. 

RESIST -- your life depends upon it!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Trump Chief of Staff John Kelly Defends Confederate Monuments--Thinks compromise should have occurred in that era

For story click on the link:

I'm sure Europe would look kindly on statues in Germany of Hitler and Goebbels because it's, well, history.

 ​Yes, General Kelly,​ I am SURE if you were born black you would have thought compromising your status as a slave to work for free from d​awn​ until night in 98 degree heat of​ the south would be the way to go. I am sure you, General Kelly,​ would be fine to keep slavery in certain states as a "COMPROMISE!" I'm also sure, General Kelly, you have ZERO empathy and I can only WISH you were born a person of color. But alas it cannot be so.

I have a great idea to build empathy: Why don't you​, General Kelly,​ get up at dawn, work until dusk in 98 degree heat with no shoes and rags for clothes no matter if you feel well or not and pick cotton like ​sticking ​your fingers on rose bush thorns and worse worry about the congeniality of your white masters that they don't take a whip to your broken body ​because you looked to the left and not the right. Then tell me you think compromise with that would have been a DANDY thing.

Excuse me, General Kelly, for not showing the proper respect for a general but you, sir, are a horse's ass!

Friday, October 27, 2017

Trickle down is trickle up Believe me

Trump said during his campaign that we will experience winning.  In fact, he said that there will be so much winning people will not want to "win" anymore. This was, of course, one of the more ridiculous lies among many he would continuously tell and those who make up his adoring base cheer the lies because few can discern them and most do not want to know the truth.

The truth is Trump tax reform is not winning but it is winning for Trump himself and the top 2% wealthiest of the nation. The enormous "win" according to Trump means that the top 2% will get a significant tax cut .... bully for them ... but the rest of us in this game of thrones will pay for it.  We lose because he will be raising our tax rates to pay for the ones he lowers for the top 2% wealthiest.  For someone to win at the game of taxes someone else must lose and that would be, under Trump, us.  He is leaving the Republicans in Congress to sort out the details because, in truth, our president although according to him has the greatest smartest Ivy League brain ever knows nothing about nearly everything.  Through various schemes and loopholes like an elimination of the Estate Tax for those making $10 million or more the Trump tax cut for the rich will be a win for the richest among us but everyone else will lose -- to quote a Trumpism -- "bigly!" 

Winning for Trump and his zero ethics administration is lowering the tax rate for them but raising it for everyone else.  He will lower it by, well, simply lowering it but also, in part, by taking away certain state deductions on which the middle class of many states have come to rely. They will not be happy.  Beyond that decreasing Medicare for the elderly and surely taking a hatchet to Medicaid for the white and black poor will be in the Republican cross hairs with Republican eyes, in the long run, ultimately eliminating them.  Prescient gerrymandering by Republicans over decades while Democrats slept have carved out voting districts to allow them to win as well as allowing Republican state majorities all over the nation to suppress votes for persons of color about whom Republicans do not give a whit.  It is the political slimy swamp Trump said he would eradicate but instead he and his cronies became the swamp and made it swampier. 

Republicans have set their erasures on ultimately removing Medicare, vital for saving lives of the elderly, and Medicaid too, for saving the lives of the poor, who in the Republican heart of stone are expendable. The prime plum for Republicans would, of course, be the erasure of Social Security into which most of us throughout our working lives have paid.  Thanks a lot.  I rather enjoy breathing, need Medicare and double need Social Security.  Trump also talks about lowering contributions to 401K's from a high of $20,000 to a low of $2500.  With Medicare rates lowered, Medicaid for the poor erased, and tax cuts for the richest 2%, tax increases to the middle class and the poor those who make America run will be relegated to a journey to the bottom of the earth a metaphor for death.  Worse it will increase the debt trillions Republicans claim to care about so much but in fact will fall on the shoulders of their posterity to pay. 

If these Republican excuses for humanity with no empathy erase Social Security which is their ultimate goal then a life of poverty awaits but this misfit Trump and his Republican deplorables will get their tax cuts.  That would be a so called "WIN" for this president of Vesuvian ignorance but a loss for the middle, working classes, the poor and immigrants who make this country run, who cut the grass of the 2%, iron the clothes of the 2%, take care of the children of the 2%, clean the homes of the 2%, cook the meals of the fat cat 2%. If Republicans and Trump get their way it will be a gargantuan loss for the middle class sightless who put them in office.  Death is the true beneficiary.

A Trump tax cut win for himself and the richest 2% will NOT bring back jobs.  More jobs will still be outsourced to foreign workers who will take payments of $1.35 an hour from those who own them. Trickle down is the same trickle up of this tired story that screws the middle class but is Nirvana for the rich. Trump's so called base is duped by Trump and his cronies. A tax cut for the 2% richest will be a "win" for the top 2% but the national debt, Republicans claim to care about so much, will be in the stratosphere for future generations to pay or worse endure an economic collapse.   A win according to Trump and Republicans will be another loss for the middle class and the poor creating trillions in debt and ultimately the loss of jobs. With the eventual budget scoring of this tax cut you will NOT talk about "winning."  You WILL be talking about losing.  If Trump gets what he wants it will be a huge loss for the nation to quote a know nothing president "BELIEVE ME!

Thursday, October 26, 2017


I am flummoxed by the story above but I do not know why I am. How long has humanity been around? Quoting The Universe Today:  "While our ancestors have been around for about six million years, the modern form of humans only evolved about 200,000 years ago." Men worldwide for thousands of years have had physical and spousal power over women. The physical strength of women is hampered by their biological and physiological construct. Thousands of years of evolutionary construction of the sex that bears the toll of obstetrically having children has seen to it, however, to make woman internally stronger then men. We know women usually live longer but evolution has given men stronger muscular strength, narrower hips and wider more muscular chests with much stronger arms. Maybe this was done to hunt or build things for survival but in our time now men can use their advantage of physical strength to hunt and even hurt women.

Still, in a contemporary sense, I cannot, for the life of me, understand how men can force themselves on a woman who does not want them, rejects them and says no. If someone says no to their ovations men should run embarrassed head lowered for the nearest exit. Now that sexual harassment may cost men of power barrels of money, loss of position and ruination of their lives not to mention their marriages perhaps now, finally, in this nation men (often old and unattractive to young women but young men's onslaughts as well too) will require reciprocal desire from the person they approach before they think about violating them simply to please themselves.

Every time I watch the news and another man like Cosby, O'Reilly, the living Roger Ailes, Weinstein, now Halperin, our obnoxious sexual predator Trump accused of sexual misconduct and O'Reilly blaming -- not kidding -- God I feel like I need to either throw up or take a shower and wash my brain of each cerebral synapse that thinks about the sex acts that occurred between these women and  the obnoxious men who assault them.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Flake or Fluke

Republican Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona is refusing to seek re-election, Republican Senator Bob Corker is leaving the Senate, Senator John McCain's lethal diagnosis of brain cancer, means now that I am afraid yet again.  I am afraid there is nowhere for the moderate Republicans to go so the Party will morph into the Trump fascist-like Party of hate.

It would seem the middle class who support these Trumpian misfits will be stepping on their own toes if they ultimately vote Trump because the Party of Trump is not about them.  Trump did not drain the swamp.  Trump is the swamp.   His entire cabinet is filled with billionaires and contains an ex-Goldman Sachs hierarchy.  A Trump tax cut is for Trump and the 2% wealthiest.  There is, however, a Trump appeal, sadly and incredulously, to the white working class even including white working class women.

The question for me becomes how can we stop this Nazi-like progression of heil Trump with their Tiki torch carrying Nazi-like extremists within the Republican base who are some of the most violent in our nation.

I know those who share my political views and I believe even most true conservative Republicans are loathe to the crudity and violence of Trumpian politics.  In the face of moderate Republican abdication from the Senate what are the progressives and humane of this nation, who I believe are the majority of this country, to do with the entrails of the meanest, cruelest, most mendacious, Fascist-like remnants of the Republican Party who have captured the halls of power with a madness sidecar of Trumpian crude to grease the lift off? 

It is obvious to say that Democrats MUST win elections over Republican extremists that have filled the base of the Republican Party.  Democrats must stop bickering and UNITE our Party under a new banner filled with candidates of youth as well as counting on older Democrats to fill the historical wisdom of its chalice. We must show why we are truly in the majority and why in 2008 Obama, in truth, really did, according to the Washington Post of that time, "fill the Washington Mall with portions of the Mall standing room only, and latecomers directed to an overflow area." This was the America for which, over a lifetime, I had hoped. 

Paraphrasing Republican conservative candidate for the presidency in 1964, Barry Goldwater: "... let me remind you that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue." That phrase makes sense now for the progressives of our time.  We must face Fascist-like right wing totalitarian religious extremism, gay bashing, health care destroying, Medicare and Medicaid obliterating, climate destroying, Nazi-like Tiki Torch wielding white supremacist extremists by countering them with strong, unyielding, unapologetic, humane, progressive economic fairness and with justice for all minorities.  We must carry that mantra proudly and never give up. 

Is Republican Jeff Flake's leaving the political arena simply a fluke or does it represent the future of a rabid and sick Republican Party destroying the essence of Madisonian democracy?   We will find out but this much I know is true: we must fight injustice like we are fighting for our lives because, in the final analysis, we are.  

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Extreme Weather, Climate Change Costing Taxpayers Billions

My Comment: Even worse than climate change costing billions is the fact that firefighters fighting massive fires in the west caused by climate change droughts are coming down with vicious cancers -- brain, kidney, blood and many more. It is horrific and we are stuck with this immoral sick science denying excuse for a human being in the oval office calling climate change a hoax and pulling out of the Paris climate agreement.  More than 190 countries entered into the Paris agreement with only 1 (Syria) not signing and 1 (the United States) -- signed by President Obama but pulled out by the murderous Trump.  Nicaragua just signed it.  If I were a "Last Days" Armageddon Evangelical fanatic I could see where End Times Revelations would appeal.

In the end it does not matter, though, as nature does not care what man thinks. It will do what it will do.  In evolutionary fashion if human beings do nothing on climate change those who ignore it will die out and hopefully will NOT take those of us who are science oriented with them.
NB: (Latin for nota bene or note well): 98% of scientists involved in climate change research see the link between the smothering of the earth with filthy fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal as some of the major causes of climate change.  This is not in dispute but is only in dispute with 2% of oil and gas scientists and those in the Trump administration like Scott Pruitt, Trump's cabinet secretary head of the EPA he loathes, who do the bidding of the fossil fuel industries because the fuel industries fill their pockets with cash and spend billions in efforts to dispute its causal connection to climate change. The congressmen and women who dispute this science like those before them beholden to the tobacco industry who said the causal relationship of cigarettes to human health and cancer was inconclusive until they could not deny it anymore while hundreds of thousands died from their poisonous products.  Today the Congressmen and women who dispute fossil fuel's direct causation of climate change and its deleterious effects enjoy their pockets bulging with fossil fuel money. Sad!

WASHINGTON — Climate change is costing taxpayers billions of dollars in disaster relief and the tab will only increase as extreme weather events become more common, according to a new government study.
The federal government has spent an estimated $350 billion over the past decade responding to extreme weather and fire events, which are exacerbated by climate change, according to the Government Accountability Office (GAO) report. It comes as Congress moves to approve billions of dollars in extra funding for hurricane relief.
"Climate change impacts are already costing the federal government money, and these costs will likely increase over time as the climate continues to change," the report found.
Why Many Major Hurricanes in 2017? 
It is impossible to put a precise price tag on climate change, the report noted, but said research shows "the impacts and costs of extreme events — such as floods, drought and other events — will increase in significance as what are considered rare events become more common and intense because of climate change." 
A bipartisan pair of senators, Susan Collins, R-Maine, and Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., requested the report from the GAO, an arm of Congress that helps provide research and oversight of the executive branch.

This year's unusually destructive hurricane season has already been a drain on Federal Emergency Management Agency coffers, and California’s historically deadly fires are likely to cost the government even more.

The Senate on Tuesday is expected to approve an additional $36.5 billion in disaster relief, which has already passed the House. That’s on top of the $15 billion in supplemental disaster funds Congress approved last month, suggesting this year's tab will be unusually high.

In addition to the $205 billion spent directly on disaster relief over the past decade, the government has spent $90 billion for crop and flood insurance, $34 billion for wildland fire management and $28 billion for repairs to federal facilities, according to the report.

Image: Puerto Rico Faces Extensive Damage After Hurricane Maria

Kids bike in an area without grid power or running water about two weeks after Hurricane Maria swept through the island on October 5, 2017 in San Isidro, Puerto Rico. Mario Tama / Getty Images
The report says the government should take more preparations to deal with climate-related weather events, noting that previous GAO studies had found "the federal government had no comprehensive, strategic approach" to disaster resilience, nor did it have "strategic government-wide priorities related to climate change."

The government has taken some steps to address climate risks, the report notes, but President Donald Trump signed an executive order in March to rescind some of the planning efforts, a move that "created uncertainty about whether other planning efforts would continue or take their place."

The report acknowledges that its conclusions are imprecise and incomplete, since it requires linking complicated climate and economic models, but the GAO is known for being conservative in its estimates, especially on controversial issues.

Sunday, October 22, 2017


A blogger friend of mine who has a gift for poetry and profundity, Thomas Sutherland, said "Success is not an outer but an inner state of being. To find your strengths and still embrace your weaknesses, to know you are whole and worthy no matter your circumstances. Be love. Be joy." ts

My Comment: I agree. If only we could do that easily in the conspicuous consumptive nation that we are. It is hard to not personally measure your own worth by all those unimportant yardsticks that our culture uses to judge your value because in the end it will not matter. When and if one can reject that I think the truth of existence will be attained and it is not I believe by how much money you have, how gorgeous you are, if you have an Ivy League degree and Wall Street connections or if you married the "right" person.

In the end none of that to me should matter. What matters to me is if through whatever medium I can use I am an advocate for the poor, the elderly, the handicapped, the dispossessed, the lonely and for those who have not attained what society says they should have to judge one's worth. I want to do so in a way that is possible for me.

The earth, we persons of truth through the evidence of science know, is 4.5 billion years old. Think on that and see the vastness of life and as the Hubble telescope has seen how infinite the universe is as well. We are but an ink spot in tapestry of time. Our sun will die out as all suns do. The only things left for me in the cosmos will be the atoms of kindness I sow here on the gorgeous planet earth for those who feel left out.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

What Trump has wrought. "They are all active white supremacists; two of them are violent felons."

These Are The Three Richard Spencer Fans Arrested For Attempted Homicide In Gainesville

They are all active white supremacists; two of them are violent felons.


Gainesville Police Department
GAINESVILLE, Fla. ― About five hours before his companion allegedly fired a bullet toward several protesters, and a day before police charged him with attempted homicide, Colton Fears, in an interview with HuffPost, laid out the grievances that had brought him to town. “Basically, I’m just fed up with the fact that I’m cis-gendered, I’m a white male, and I lean right, towards the Republican side,” said Fears, 28, wearing a pin of the 3rd SS Panzer Division Totenkopf of the Waffen-SS. “And I get demonized if I don’t accept certain things.”
According to the Anti-Defamation League, Colton Fears is the “least active” of the three Texas men charged in Thursday’s shooting, which happened after Richard Spencer’s speech at the University of Florida. Fears’ brother, William, 30, and Tyler Tenbrink, 28, were also charged. It was Tenbrink who allegedly jumped out of a silver Jeep after an argument with protesters and produced a handgun. “I’m going to fucking kill you,” Tenbrink reportedly yelled at the protesters, while the Fears brothers encouraged him to shoot.
Tenbrink popped off a single round that missed his targets and hit a building behind them, then got back in the Jeep and fled. One of the victims reported the Jeep’s vehicle tag number to police. Officers from three different law enforcement units caught up with the trio later that evening on Interstate 75 and took them into custody.  
Even before their arrest, the trio were known quantities ― Tenbrink and William Fears in particular. They are fairly representative specimens of the sort of flotsam that drifts through the the so-called “alt-right” and, increasingly, trails in the wake of any white nationalist chieftain, even one as snooty as Spencer. They are, in short, surly groupies for whiteness. Here’s what we know about them.

Tyler Tenbrink

Tenbrink, the man who fired the gun, is a white supremacist from Richmond, Texas. He told the Washington Post that he came to Spencer’s Gainesville speech because he received threats from the “radical left” after he was spotted at the Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. But Tenbrink had been active in the white nationalist scene long before the August gathering.
Chris McGonigal/HuffPost
Tyler Tenbrink is photographed during protests.
In June, Tenbrink participated in a white supremacist rally at the Texas State Capitol building in Austin, according to the ADL. The ADL also identified Tenbrink at another Richard Spencer speech at Texas A&M University last December, a white supremacist protest in front of the Houston ADL offices last October, a private event organized by the neo-Nazi Aryan Renaissance Society last September, and a white supremacist protest in front of the Houston NAACP office last August.
Tenbrink told the Post that all he cares about are the “14 words,” a reference to the popular white supremacist slogan: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”
Tenbrink pled guilty to a felony assault charge in Texas in 2014. That means he now faces additional charges of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, the Gainesville Police Department wrote in a statement.

William Fears

William Fears, from Pasadena, Texas, claims he didn’t even know about the alt-right until Hillary Clinton condemned the movement in a campaign speech last August, at which point his radicalization journey began. By December, he was turning up at Spencer’s speaking events, including one at Texas A&M where Fears described himself as ”mainly an Internet troll.”
But Fears was more than a troll. In 2009, he pleaded guilty to aggravated kidnapping after he abducted an 18-year-old female University of Texas at Tyler student at knifepoint and “wounded her several times.” He has also been convicted of criminal trespassing and possession of a controlled substance. It was while he was incarcerated, he told the Post, that he had become racially aware.
“I don’t think any race experiences racism in the modern world the way that white people do in a jail,” he said. “In jail, whites come last.”
In May, Fears, who now works in construction, crashed a May Day rally with other neo-Nazis and reportedly assaulted a man. In June, he antagonized members of the Oath Keepers, a far-right militia movement, at a rally in Houston until one of them put him in a chokehold. In August, he showed up in Charlottesville to brawl in a helmet, gas mask and goggles, waving a white nationalist flag and shouting, “Shoot! Fire the first shot of the race war!” In September, he and other neo-Nazis tried to provoke anarchists at a Houston book fair to violence.
“Nazi is like the N-word for white people,” says Fears. “And I just embrace it.”

Colton Fears

Before coming to Spencer’s Gainesville speech, Colton Fears participated in the Charlottesville rally and an April counter-protest of a Houston Socialist Movement event as part of a group of white supremacists, which included neo-Nazis and members of the alt-right, the ADL said.
After the Charlottesville rally, Fears posted a 13-minute-long statement on YouTube. He congratulated himself for attending the event, lamented the mainstream media’s attack on Southern heritage, and complained bitterly about being doxxed. He made no mention of Heather Heyer, the 32-year-old protester who was killed at the rally. 
Chris McGonigal/HuffPost
Colton Fears was interviewed by HuffPost before the protests started.
In his interview with HuffPost, Fears tried to distance himself a little from the scene around him. He said of Richard Spencer, “I agree with like 75 percent of his ― he’s not ― he’s kind of a scam artist, in my opinion.” Asked if he identified as alt-right, he said: “I try and deny identity politics. That’s why I’m not wearing a white polo and all that stuff.” But he also served up a word salad of white grievance: “Like, OK, for one thing, say, you know, gay marriage, that’s cool, whatever, you know, except — that’s fine, I’m cool with it — well, then, what’s after that? The next step? This whole transgender movement, right? Well, if you don’t accept that, you’re a bigot, this and that. Well, that all goes hand in hand with being a white person.”
Asked about the pin he was wearing during the interview, Fears said “it’s basically just like an SS thing.” Explaining the significance of the pin would require an extensive conversation about World War II, he said. “And it’s my heritage, I’m German.”