Tuesday, May 18, 2010

BILL HALTER for Senate: It looks right now like Blanche Lincoln will be forced into a run off against the progressive candidate Bill Halter in Arkansas. Per Arkansas election law, Lincoln needs to meet a 50 percent-plus-one-vote threshold Tuesday to avoid a run-off on June 8. Halter is EXCELLENT and deserves national support so he can kick Lincoln out and get that seat for progressives. It is ALL of our concern who consider ourselves progressive and who want to make sure the president is HELD to his promises. He cannot do so if he is fought at every turn by conservadems and Republicans. That health care insanity did NOT have to happen if we had the right Dems in power. We had initially a sixty vote majority. There should have been NO question and there would not have had it not been for some DINO's (Democrats in name only). We would have gotten a public option easily! Obama MUST do what he promised and I think he will IF there is a mandate.

Therefore we MUST support campaigns like Bill Halter.

So far this is a good day for Dems. Murtha's seat was retained and BEST OF ALL Specter is TROUGH in PA senate and hopefully Sestak will take the Senate seat in the fall. Sestak is brilliant and would be terrific and maybe even has an bigger future.

I will contribute more to Bill Halter's campaign tomorrow when the runoff is official. It's late now and I must call it a day but I am pulling for Bill Halter BIG TIME!!!!

I think progressives WILL come to him -- hopefully in large numbers and send a TRUE progressive to Washington. We must show that we are NOT kidding that Obama's base people like I mean business. We are NOT to be taken for granted. It will
take grass roots work but I think we can pull this one off. Blanche Lincoln was a DISGRACE to the Democratic party. She was bought, sold and owned by big insurance, big pharma and probably big oil.

Progressives are young (even though I am not so young) but I believe we are the wave of the future and that progressives will cast a HUGE shadow on right wing extremist teabaggers. This is what I hope. Please help if you can IF Halter is forced into a run off against Lincoln. I attach his campaign web page below. Think about a contribution no matter how much if the runoff proceeds! Please feel free to forward this to all of your friends.

Letter to the White House: I can forgive.

Tip of the hat to the administration when it's due! Glad Jonathan Katz was fired!!! I feel MUCH better and will post it to my blog. This is why I gave to your campaign and why I loved you.

Feeling a bit better now let's get the leak under control.
A Letter to Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann: Rachel, Keith: get a load of this article if you haven't already on Huffington. How many times can this president put a stake in our hearts? First the oil leak which is bad enough and which he was AWOL on as he took 1/2 of the Bush administration's incompetent employees into his administration and now this virulent homosexual hater Jonathan Katz is on his science team to deal with the leak. It makes one sick to one's stomach.

Not only is Obama NOT what I thought he would be he is almost NOTHING I thought he would be. I am going from love to loath inside of one year. I should have KNOWN from the start when he had Rick Warren at his inaugural this guy was pulling the wool over somebody's eyes. This is as if he had on his team someone who was racist against blacks and used pseudo science to prove blacks were inferior. This guy Jonathan Katz is AWFUL simply awful. Surely you can have this exposed on your show tonight. I am stricken with grief that this president has failed in so many ways ESPECIALLY now with the leak. NO ONE but NO ONE can talk about Bush's Katrina now. Obama's oil leak is INFINITELY worse. I LOVED Obama and wrote endlessly that I did.

My element of trust has been broken and it has been for awhile but now it REALLY is. He is NOT what I bargained for and to whom I thought I gave my hard earned money. I am sad. VERY sad. Here is the link: