Sunday, July 04, 2010

Rethink Afghanistan: The short video below commands us on the 4th of July to THINK really THINK what our nation's wars against our terrorist enemies have done and continue to do. We, generally, as a people, do not understand just what dropping bombs on human being's heads REALLY means as we march patriotically down streets carrying flags and lighting fireworks. This country has been spared by its geographical good luck. As our enemies are patient and become more sophisticated someday for us, our children OR our children's children, I fear, our geographical isolation will mean nothing as it did not on 9/11. I fear our enemies ultimately will acquire the unthinkable weapons and not fail to use them.

Most of us sip our coffee in the morning and think not one second about what it is like for an innocent mother to be cradling the body of her dead young child, limbless, faceless and lifeless as an American drone does NOT SEE what it has done. War is about THAT and these wars are NOT keeping us safe. They are endangering us more as the enemy is a patient one who has NOTHING to lose by inscribing on the hearts of his children generation after generation a hatred of Americans for killing their INNOCENTS on their soil. It is what, after all the 9/11 bombers said was the rationale for what they did. That can be debated. What cannot be debated is the longer we are waging perpetual war the more our sons and daughters we commit to the grave, the more we expend HUGE costs and the more we will lose our country to unaffordable constant war sapping our will, our strength and breaking our bank so that we CANNOT afford to send people to school, provide affordable health care for the sick, fix our crumbling infrastructure or alter our warming climate. Ironically perpetual war WILL leave our country defenseless against nature and other men. The leak in the Gulf is a metaphor for those forces which man himself cannot stop.

This war is NOT winnable and it will be forever UNLESS we simply STOP IT by protesting it or supporting candidates that will PULL the funding plug. We must say NO MORE. NO MORE killing, NO more dying, NO more expenditures for wars without end. We have lost more Americans than we did on 9/11. Both economically and militarily we are looking into the abyss. STOP it by fighting terrorism with PRUDENT vigilance and not eternal war. STOP it before it is too late! The video is linked below.