Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Lesson of Larry Craig: The hypocrisy of yet another Republican, Senator Larry Craig of Idaho, involved in a sordid scandal surrounding men's room sex with other adult men, is stunning. Why is it that it is more egregious if a Republican is involved in a smarmy homosexual scandal than if it is a Democrat? It is because, of course, Republicans claim the "family values" mantle as their exclusive club. They pillory those who are homosexual by denying them the fundamental rights such as marriage, service in the military and social security survivor benefits which everyone else who lives in this country takes for granted. When one of the sanctimonious slime gets caught in the trap they themselves have set, those who advocate progressive politics go on the attack and rightfully so. Whether it is legislators or priests who are guilty of the very same behavior they demand others suppress and, indeed, work for policies to deny them rights, they get the vilification and outrage of the general public they so appropriately deserve.

As evidenced by Senator Craig, sexuality is nearly impossible to suppress. Craig risked everything for a consenting adult desire which he should not have had to solicit in that way. It is sad that he could not have admitted what he is, saved his family embarrassment and lived his life as nature, it seems, dictated. The victimizers become the victims because the policies they support mean they too could be caught in the very net they have cast for so many others.