Thursday, February 21, 2008

The McCain Mess: I cannot imagine the New York Times would put forward a story on John McCain of this magnitude which could potentially sink a nomination or derail an election without making darn well sure that it had the absolute proof positive truth that an affair and its attendant quid pro quo behavior existed. Then again I believed George Bush when he said the evidence is in about WMD in Iraq.

This NYT story if not true could be bad for a Democratic candidate as well, as the extreme right wing marches in lock step behind their Republican cause. If the NYT is seen by them as purposefully subverting the election of the Republican nominee it could, incredulously to me, force them to unite even behind a man they do not support. I doubt it will do that but it could. It is time for the New York Times to in some way show its hand and reassure its readers that they would not be so stupid as to report on something like this with spurious evidence!