Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A Voice for Our Time: Perhaps this presidential election is the most important election in US history. We desperately need a uniter; a person who can work with our friends as well as our adversaries. We are a humanity that has the nuclear capability to annihilate humanity with one blast. We want no more fear but we need to protect ourselves from those would instill that fear within us. We need a leader with Solomon-like wisdom; a person of prescience who can reach across divides. I think the American public now sees how important the presidency is. It can make the difference between life and death. We must not repeat this administration's most costly mistakes.

I believe at this juncture in our history we must confront but understand the Islamic world. We must elect someone who is capable of negotiation instead of employing the rhetoric of confrontation. We must elect someone who is able to end our belligerent and unidimensional policies which achieve nothing but death and debt. We, too, need immediate and unadulterated action to restore our environment, begin constructing energy alternatives and give everyone the right to healthcare. We need these things and much more.

Barak Obama, because of his charisma, and yes, even because he is a man of color, if given the chance, I believe, can begin to address these things in our country, for our people at this moment. I have been converted to his cause. Perhaps some kind of destiny is determining this for our country so that it can realize once again the greatness our founders began over three centuries ago. I can only have the audacity to hope!