Wednesday, May 24, 2017

My Lettter to Rachel Maddow

As I always do, and last evening was no exception, I tune in to three MSNBC political commentaries reviewing the day's events with unparalleled excellence -- Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow and Larry O'Donnell. News in our time, as most of you know, is consumed with the labyrinthian complexity of Trumpian connections to an adversarial and dictatorial power, Russia. It is, to say the least, a very complicated process to understand filled with everything from espionage to financial intricacies the investigation of which most of the electorate, including me, know little. Rachel Maddow and others before and after her show explain the Russia connection to this presidency with crystal clear alacrity. Guests are experts in the intelligence, political and legal arenas. It is academically precise, riveting and brilliantly entertaining.

These events, possibly leading to a presidential impeachment, have little precedence to any other in US history with the possible exception of the events surrounding the Nixon presidency about a third-rate burglary but, in pertinent part to Trump, was also about an administration's crime cover up that proved presidency fatal.

If one wants to know what is occurring in our government, the once enviable crown jewel of democracy, I paste the Rachel Maddow web site below. Yesterday's broadcast was jaw dropping excellent. One can look at other broadcasts and the broadcasts of her two colleagues, Larry and Chris to try to get a better understanding of the difficult-to-understand trajectory of these important events.

I also paste my letter to Rachel, et al I sent yesterday and hope it acts as a vehicle for you to click on the link below or Google her show and others at MSNBC to better understand these ever-so-important complex events occurring in our nation in our time. Since the summer of 2016 and before she has laser-looked at the Trumpian facts of alleged colossal corruption and conflicts of interest with microscopic clarity. It will have implications for you, for your children and for their children. In veritas, it will be written for all history for all time.

MY LETTER TO RACHEL (slightly edited):

Rachel, I have watched you every day since you have been on MSNBC. There have been many superior days of your broadcasts that I walk away astounded by your brilliance. Today's broadcast, though, had to be one of the most superior of all. Your modus operandi connecting the dots of Trump and his administration to its plethora of financial potentially incriminating evidence is without parallel.

I am amazed by your intellect and the entertaining way you put across such difficult-to-understand information. You have a star quality that goes unmatched even by those historical greats in journalism. I have always called you the Edward R. Murrow of our time. Now, though, I think you are even better than he.

Chris Hayes, you, Rachel and Larry are, what I call as they did the Yankee greats of old -- Lou Gehrig, Babe Ruth, and Tony Lazzeri -- "murders row." You are the murders row of political commentary and news analysis. Through the disastrous excruciating Trump presidency you provide a reason for me and I know others, too, to go on and be involved.

Thank you all for all you do!