Friday, November 06, 2015

Democratic Forum--Auditory Excellence

 If you want to hear policy at the adult's table then I paste for your enjoyment the questioning by Rachel Maddow the Great of the three Democratic candidates for the presidency. I have never seen or heard more professional, brilliant political programming than the one led by Rachel tonight.

It was a pleasure to listen to it and entertaining to boot. If you did not catch it on MSNBC I paste it below or you can get it on the Rachel Maddow online site. It was a gem and could not be more different from the Republican Barnum Bailey Circus. How anyone in this nation can even contemplate being Republican and worse voting Republican I will never know.

Listen to excellence here or below.

Gran Mal Seizures

Ben Carson admits fabricating West Point scholarship. Carson's campaign on Friday conceded that a central point in his inspirational personal story did not occur as he previously described. Linked here or below:

What a LYING charlatan to fabricate all that and think he is going to get away with it that no one is going to check as he runs for the highest most powerful office on earth. Carson, you JERK, if they checked W. Bush's draft dodging status they will SURELY check everything you say.

The press needs to report the allegedly 8 medical malpractice lawsuits two of which have apparently been adjudicated. He LOST but they have non-disclosure of fee agreements. They have pics, however, of the patient and it is tragic. Makes me think the payment was hefty. Well if you were a brain surgeon and allegedly left a sponge in someone's skull or allegedly diagnosed a malignancy where there was none I might want a little cash for those gran mal seizures!

Just shows to go you you do not have to be brilliant to be a brain surgeon. Kind of makes me think of Leonardo DeCaprio in "Catch Me If you Can" based on a true story of a man who fabricated many occupations which included being a doc. Now just what does Johns Hopkins have to say?