Monday, April 12, 2010

Prelude to a blog: Well, it's too late now to write on the link below. Just cut and paste into your browser for yet another delightful peek into the joys of two thousand years of anti-semitism still safely tucked away in the Vatican residing with this pope Benedict aka German Cardinal Ratizinger and his merry man Giacomo Babini, the emeritus bishop of Grosseto. Not only does the good Bishop blame church pedophilia on the Jews but he blames homosexuality for church pedophilia. Yep, moronic insanity is alive and well everywhere ESPECIALLY in the Vatican.

There is NOTHING I repeat NOTHING that gets my ire like the age old canard of deicide i.e. the Christian accusation of the alleged killing of god i.e. Jesus by Jews. Sure, that's old hat. Went out with the ovens of Auschwitz. MY posterior it did. This is EXACTLY what I mean when I say as a Jew I am ALWAYS vigilant because this moronic TRIPE is STILL with us, it still plagues the Jew and it is a cancer on humanity. It is why we must NEVER forget, we must NEVER surrender, we must ALWAYS know that it is there and if we allow it to it will fester and grow as it did for two thousand years culminating in the wholesale murder and slaughter of the six million. I urge you to either click onto this link or paste it into your browser as testament to this truth as to why the Jew canNOT and WILL not let it go and be silent! Silent no more. Good title for my next blog.
Statistical Folly--A Fair Deal in the Balance Jeff Jacoby's statistical reductionism in his Sunday, April 10, 2010 Boston Globe article "Support for Israel runs on party lines" which states, simplistically, Republicans/Israel YES, Democrats/Israel YES but less so is absolutely INANE. What do these statistics mean? In reality nothing. I submit President Obama may be perceived as somewhat less hostile to Arab/Palestinian interests and slightly more equitable. How can this perception hurt when the perception of unequivocal Israeli support no matter the behavior nurtured by team Bush brought constant discord?

Our president FINALLY is smart and is TRYING to present a more equitable stance which not only serves Arab/Palestinian interests, but, in my opinion, serves the Interests of the Jewish state as well. There can be no peace, it seems to me, if the peace broker is seen by the Arab and Palestinian side as solidly in the Israeli camp. What fairness is there in that? The constructing of the settlements during Vice President Biden's visit to Israel was, in my view, insulting to Vice President Biden and the Obama administration which wanted a temporary halt to settlement construction while in the middle of delicate peace negotiations because the construction of settlements is contentious. Settlement construction done with a wink and a nod by Prime Minister Netanyahu threatened the peace process itself but, obviously, he did not care or it would not have commenced.

Either one wants peace or one doesn't. The road to peace MUST be paved by at least the PERCEPTION of an equitable mediator. If one were to litigate a mediation in our courts and the mediator said okay I'll mediate but you must know I have unwavering support for party A but I'll try to be fair to party B, that would be ridiculous.

The President has stated unequivocally his support for the Jewish state many times. I, as a Jew, believe he meant it. We who love Israel and want peace have waited for it for over sixty years. Peace, in my opinion, can happen ONLY when both sides think the mediator will be fair so a fair deal can be honed. I believe our president is trying his best to craft a perception that says just that!