Friday, May 28, 2010

A Letter to the Times-Picayune: The Times-Picayune is one of the major Louisiana newspapers. I decided to take my Asian friend's advice and to not lose confidence although I still will not send out ad infinitum opinion until the leak is capped. To me nothing is as important as that for now! I said the following:

This is just a note from someone in Massachusetts whose heart has gone out to our national Louisiana brethren. So many one encounters during the day here speak of our and your Louisiana national tragedy.

I was an ardent Obama supporter. The president is right the buck stops with him. He is also correct by saying his one mistake was to trust BP. His mantra, I thought, was "trust but verify,"

We can all play Monday morning quarterback but when a corporation comes to you saying we want to deep water drill down to a length which has never been done before it would jet propel me to make darn well sure, through MY OWN EPA EXPERTS, that the drilling was not only safe but that a back up well by law (such as Canada has) MUST be in place before it is done. ALL safety precautions that could have been done SHOULD have been done before it was even given a permit to drill. An ON-SIGHT supervisor UNCONNECTED to BP, Trans Ocean and Halliburton should have been not asked but ordered to be there. I believe that by Executive Order the president could have demanded that BP would do what was demanded of them. The result to BP, et al would be perhaps loss of a few hundred million while that corporation would rake in ultimately BILLIONS.

I am sickened by this so much I cannot even write which is I what I do to keep semi-sane. I am too stunned. I made an exception to the Times- Picayune because I want you to know that there are so many throughout the nation who care but who also feel powerless to stop the seeming unstoppable. Your destiny is our destiny. We are ALL in this together -- one nation indivisible.

God bless all of you!