Wednesday, June 02, 2010

There is NO Doubting Dowd: Yet again Maureen Dowd continues to be one of America's FINEST journalists. See link below for her June 2, 2010 editorial "A Story Teller Loses the Story Line." When her name appears my computer mouse is programmed to read her.

She is brilliant and this editorial is just another example of that. My best advice to the president is to voraciously read the New York Times (since he is infinitely more intellectually astute than his pathetic predecessor Mr. Obama probably automatically does.) He should pay PARTICULAR attention to Maureen Dowd and Frank Rich. It may improve his now sad sack image. I voted for him, worked for him and loved him but how in practice someone could be SO different from what I thought I was getting I will never know. Either I am utterly stupid or Mr. Obama KNEW what it took to get elected but does NOT know how to govern. How could I ever know that?

The Republican opposition is utterly UNACCEPTABLE and worse so because it is a right wing extremist party which will most ASSUREDLY spawn an incompetent or a corporate lackey and ruin this nation even more than George Bush surely did if that is possible. Barack Obama on his worst day is better than any Republican on their best so what I want to know is where do we go from here?

My mother used to say where there is life there is hope. I suppose it's better than saying where there is life one can count on human beings screwing the whole thing up!