Monday, April 07, 2014

Fine Art – Psychopathic Killer; why did Hitler fear modern art?

Last evening a “Sixty Minutes” segment was dedicated to the theft of fine art by the Nazis.  This additional WWII fact is memorialized in the recent film entitled “Monument Men” retelling the retrieving of priceless art treasures by the Americans who attempted to return it to its former owners – museums, conquered persons as well as to those Jews swept into the tornadic vortex of the Holocaust.  If you missed the excellent segment I paste the link below and here.

Hitler considered modern art to be “madness” and “degeneracy.”  The irony, of course, was the "madness" was not in the modern art of the time but in the madness of the man.  Not only was Hitler a personal failure as an aspiring artist he was a degenerate as a man too. 

Hitler’s "art" was devoid of people except as stick figures.  He was, too, of course, a failure with women going after incestuously his niece, Geli Rubel leading to her suicide, and, in the end, as evidenced by his sexless loveless “marriage” to his partner-in-death, Eva Braun.  

The man was a psychological monstrosity.  The surprise in all this was the psycho/sociopath Hitler got millions of "sane" Germans, and the Axis powers to follow him.  That is the incredulity of Adolph Hitler.  "Good" people "nice" people marched to his jackboots and received him with open arms. 

WWII remains one of the most incomprehensible horrors of human brutality in the saga of man’s inhumanity to man against which many other world horrors are measured.  The article states that if Hitler succeeded in art it would have saved "several" million lives.  That is an understatement.  It would have saved 50-60 million lives total!

If you have not seen the segment I recommend you do.