Sunday, January 16, 2011

Well wishes: Since I had not sent to Congresswoman Giffords my wishes for her recovery, I composed an email tonight and sent it on. Yes, I know I am not the strongest believer but sometimes it simply feels good to offer something, greater than oneself no matter what one calls it in hopes that it helps. I called upon my own Jewish tradition as Congresswoman Giffords is, in fact, Jewish. I hope it made her as it made me feel just a bit better!

Dear Congresswoman Giffords, the entire nation bends its head in prayer for your journey back to good health. The human body is an amazing construct and heals itself even at times when we think it impossible. You are showing the nation that it is possible to heal even from the most difficult injury. Perhaps, your ordeal is a metaphor for this nation which often is so divided that if the basic structure is sound it is invincible even to the most profound assault.

I hope that through you and through all those who suffered with you this nation can take away from it a teachable moment so that people who speak so cavalierly about the use of violence will see that violence, revolutionary talk and guns used to implement one's singular perception of the world can bring such devastating and unnecessary suffering to so many.

I am a polio survivor and have seen what an assault by an outside force on one's body can do. It is amazing, though, the many victims of that disease I have seen who did not capitulate to it but to the contrary, strove even more strongly to take back the life that was theirs. I think you and others who survived this dastardly attack will do the same.

I wish for you to continue to amaze our nation and that the healing that comes to you will come to our nation as well.

There are so many people who do not even know you but now have come to love you as if we were residents of your district. It shows that we are ALL united Democrat and Republican alike in the love of this nation. We all, I know, yearn for your complete recovery.

Since you are Jewish and so am I, I say the watchwords of our faith for you: Shema Yisrael Adonai Eloheinu Adonai EḼad -- "Hear oh Israel the Lord our God the Lord is One"

May the Lord bless you, and keep you;
May the Lord make His countenance shine upon you, and be gracious to you;
May the Lord turn His countenance to you and grant you peace.