Tuesday, November 05, 2013

DeBlasio for Mayor and More!

My opinion posted to the NYTimes.
I LOVE Bill DeBlasio and cannot believe what good fortune shone on him and NYC. He is an honest, smart, and excellent candidate with profoundly good values. I am not from NYC but today I surely wish I were and that is coming from a Bostonian! Does not matter. One recognizes greatness when one sees it and Bill DeBalsio is it. 

Future Mayor DeBlasio, run NYC for awhile then step onto the national stage and take the White House. It is early I know but that is my wish. My perfection ticket: Corey Booker/Bill DeBlasio for two terms and then DeBlasio for president. It makes me want to live another day! I WILL work for you if it comes to that. I can dream.

Good luck, Mr. future Mayor. There is a woman in Boston who loves you!