Monday, July 02, 2012

TEMPLE ISRAEL OF HOLLYWOOD--What is means to be a Jew!

This YouTube speaks to me and, perhaps, gives rationale to my passion. For those who know me I am not religious BUT my heart is the heart of a Jew. This small documentary chronicles the Jewish lives of Hollywood. My story is their story without the glitz and monumental success!

I have in my latter years devoted myself to humanitarian causes and political thought. If I stand on the shoulders of some of these giants illuminated in the short documentary I am thankful for those shoulders. I am thankful that I came from an ethnic group often maligned but, against all odds, wondrous in achievement. My Jewish heart beats as theirs did, dedicated to humanitarian philosophy, political thought and good deeds. It is a rendition that says what I know to be true as Rabbi Hillel said centuries ago: "If I am not for myself who will be for me?" "If I am only for myself what am I?" "And if not now when?"

Click here or below for the short story.

Three Things about the Affordable Care Act You Should Know

When Republicans LIE, and they do ALL the time, about the Affordable Care Act or what they love to call disparagingly "Obamacare" the truth was told by the MIT health care expert who helped Romney write for Massachusetts essentially the same bill. All you need to know basically are the following FACTS about Obamacare or more properly called the Affordable Care Act:


2. THE INDIVIDUAL MANDATE WHICH IS SOMETHING CONSERVATIVE THINK TANKS WANTED AS POLICY will make the expense of it go down over time. Call it a tax, call it chicken soup, who cares the "tax" is minimal. If one cannot afford it one will NOT have to pay it. There is no penalty for not paying it. It accounts for a mere 1% of those who pay the tax in Mass. or will have to pay it nationally;

3. There will be subsidies to make insurance affordable if one cannot afford it i.e. exchanges.

THAT'S IT! That's paring down Affordable Care Act benefits to understandable levels.

Would I have preferred single payer -- of course but our obstructionist bought out by big money Congress -- mostly Republicans but some blue dog Democrats too -- would not hear of it.  I am happy with what we as progressives could get and think, like Medicare and fine wine, it will ultimately improve with age.

Onward to Re-Elect the President and Elizabeth Warren to the US Senate from Mass.!