Sunday, October 24, 2010

Remember Democrats vote on November 2 and Republicans on Nov. 9 to avoid armed Second Amendment Conflict:

Okay so it's a fib we all vote Nov. 2 but I can play the same Republican game telling Hispanics not to vote. Republicans LIE all the time!

The races for the Senate are tightening. This will HOPEFULLY not be a walk in the park for the Republicans with their tea bag side kicks. Tea Baggers don’t realize it but guess what? The Republican party is NOT about them. They are angry at the bailouts even though it saved the nation and the world from economic collapse and they think Republicans will be the ones to pull us all the way out of the ditch Republican unethical behavior made. Let’s hope stupidity does not reign.

Joe Miller of Alaska was ordered to show his employment records. There are ETHICAL issues and possible breaches. I have also read from different reputable sources that Miller was a difficult person with whom to work. Few wanted to be involved with him and most were glad when he left. Big surprise that is — NOT. Scott McAdams is the Democratic underdog in Alaska. Help him if you can. Emails urging his support would be good as well.

Big surprise tea baggers are corrupt…NOOO you don’t say? From corrupt Miller to dunce O’Donnell to Republican congressional candidate from Ohio, Rich Iott, who said that he did nothing wrong by wearing a Nazi uniform while participating in World War II re-enactments to Sharon Angle who wants women to have babies conceived EVEN in rape or incest by one’s father, grandfather, uncle or brother why because GOD just knows exactly what he is doing and after all you women who get impregnated by mentally deranged relatives just need to “make lemonade out of lemons” as Angle put it. She told voters to just “follow god’s path.” That should help ya after delivery of babies conceived through incest. This is SICK.

As if the aforementioned could not get worse, it does by the likes of NY Gubernatorial Tea Bag candidate Carl utterly crazy Palladino who sends racist email about the president and worse — if there can be worse but hold on there is — I am sure you have heard if not seen (IF you can stomach it) pornographic emails sent by Palladino which include bestiality. He emailed porno pics to his good old boys friends. After all he said he is in the construction trade and its understandable. He says boys will be boys doncha know! I’m sure construction workers everywhere were so thrilled to hear THAT.

These tea bag Republican candidates are beasts of burden to our body politic and this is NOT a joke. There is NO kidding when these people will, IF ELECTED, have a say in the life and death decisions of our nation and its SERIOUS issues. How these utter horrors even got to the position on the Republican ticket is ASTOUNDING and an EMBARRASSMENT to our nation.

There used to be a time when racist comments would ruin a candidate. NO more. That has become just another ho hum moment since it is part of the Republican/Tea Bag program — yes, states rights is such a handy philosophy to use to perpetuate racist policy and use it they do. I thought we fought a civil war over that? No matter. Republicans are about retrieving the power they lost in 2008 and want to takeover Congress so that the president can get NOTHING passed. They are hoping THAT will defeat him in 2010. DO NOT LET THAT HAPPEN!

If you Google to see who these tea baggers Republicans in various states are and help to defeat them either through contributions to Democrats or other ways a Democratic candidate may need help please do.

AND OH yes, DON’T forget to VOTE DEMOCRATIC ON NOV. 2 and tell everyone you know who is registered to vote to do so as well. I doubt if you ever will vote in a more imperative election again because the candidates in the Republican party are SO NOXIOUS, MORONIC and INSANE it defies description. Their election will LITERALLY kill us!