Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Months After White Supremacy Scandal, Steve Scalise May Become House Majority Leader

(See link below.)  What happened to my country? I am just sad. Where did it go so wrong? It was always divided for as long as I remember but not this extremist badly. The president for the 2010 midterms I am sorry to say did NOT sell his healthcare plan well enough and logically enough. He needed to make a huge tour around the country doing so as if he were up for reelection. The Tea Bags and Republicans sustained a huge majority it still has and legislation ordinarily easily passed was/is like pulling teeth. The nation had suffered tremendous upheaval with bank bailouts and CEO's getting so much taxpayer money and bonuses to boot.

The Republican Party that is now the Republican Party's anti-government base revolted against the government debt and the spending of more taxpayer bucks. Instead of these middle class whites gravitating to the Democratic Party where they economically truly belong the Republican Party that allegedly hated spending lassoed them in taking full advantage of their opposition to social programs meaning their money perceived to go to persons of color and hence the basically all white, conservative, southern and Midwestern tea bag party was born and became right wing extremist persons with power. They literally economically stepped on their own toes because the at least old Republican Party is NOT about them. It is about the richest 1% but hey racism tops it all.

The Louisiana congressman had spoken to a group founded by former KKK leader David Duke.