Friday, May 15, 2015

To Be or Not to Be--Your Final Answer

"ISIS Advances Into Iraq's Ramadi Amid Wave Of Suicide Attacks" (link below)

So old Jebby boy thinks that if the US stayed longer (despite a Status of Forces Agreement signed in the Bush era to leave and an old shoe tossed at Bush and NOT like a lover blowing him a kiss) that Iraq would have remained stable. What Kickapoo juice is this know-nothing drinking? Yes, he would have, like his brother, made war on Iraq, no he wouldn't have and who cares it's all so hypothetical anyway. Jebby is truly stumped as he tried to answer the same question four different ways to save face. What face was he saving? Now everyone is mad at him including probably brother Georgey.

Saddam Hussein was the ONLY force who kept the lid on that religiously civil war prone divided insanity and the US got rid of that guy in short order to place only Shites and Iran in leadership while the Sunnis ran away with their weapons in hand to fight another day and kill Americans.

Jebby, the second of the brainless Bush brothers, would have wanted to keep American forces in Iraq and for how long?; into the next century? What delusion is he under, pot is he smoking, or LSD is he taking to psychedelically think the American people would have gone along with war eternal costing more TRILLIONS onto our Republican-crazed bloated debt about which they claim to be so concerned?

What a sad, sad, sad, thing the result of the Iraq War is. Jebby, we are talking about human life here not just a bunch of X's and O's on a chalk board and that is not even counting the Iraqi "collateral" murder of hundreds of thousands of innocents, refugees of millions and a Middle East blown up and fractured beyond recognition. Jebby, your brother and his cronies are war criminals accounting for the impossibility of answering that important question posed to you -- to be or not to be in Iraq. Iraq was the greatest stomach turning BLUNDER in US history bar none.

Our nation is dying from drought, tornadoes, floods and other horrific weather-related events attributable to climate change; its infrastructure and electrical grids are decaying; its bridges, railroads, highways unsafe and Jebby thinks his brother made this nation safer? There are a lot of adjectives I would use to describe the status of our nation. Safe is not one of them. Jeb Bush wishes this nation could have spent more blood and treasure to fight and die in Iraq for decades more. Why to find the non-existent WMD? To be or not to be in Iraq that is the question. Jeb, please, make up your mind on your final answer.

Dream On: Immigration Hardliners Prevail In Fight Over Dreamers And The Military

The story on the above is linked below.

As Mitt Romney himself said, the Republicans CANNOT win an election without the Hispanic vote. This rejection of Hispanics in the military is a good thing for Democrats.  The know nothing Republicons put a sledge hammer to their own heads because rejection of this bill will and SHOULD solidify the huge Hispanic vote and focus laser sharp on getting out the Hispanic vote to REJECT a Republicon Party of White that is racist, right wing nationalist and dead set against Hispanic immigrants gaining citizenship.

Make no mistake if ever God forbid a Republicon president were elected there will be a concerted effort to round up Hispanics and send them back from whence they came.

RepubliCONS, you have sealed your fate. Do NOT believe any Republicon presidential candidate who just to get elected will soften his position during the general election. IN REALITY THEY ARE SUPREMELY ANTI-IMMIGRANT AND they lie ALL the time when they think it will get them elected. Remember, middle, working class and 98% Americans, the RepubliCON Party is NOT ever about you!

HISPANICS, ALL DEMOCRATS, PROGRESSIVES AND OTHERS GET OUT THE HISPANIC AND DEMOCRATIC VOTE.  Register people who can vote for Democrats TO VOTE for Democrats.  Crush Republicons in the Senate, the House and most of all deny them the presidency if you want to have the America we all knew and loved (with a secure infrastructure, jobs, and policies that work for us back again!