Monday, July 17, 2017

Decades before ‘The L Word,’ she risked jail to create a magazine for lesbians--By Julia Carpenter

Edythe Eyde wrote in an era when the subject of her writing could get her jailed!

"With the advancement of psychiatry and related subjects, the world is becoming more and more aware that there are those in our midst who feel no attraction for the opposite sex. It is not an uncommon sight to observe mannishly attired women or even those dressed in more feminine garb strolling along the street hand-in-hand or even arm-in-arm, in an attitude which certainly would seem to indicate far more than mere friendliness."

"Homosexuality," she wrote, "is becoming a less and less taboo subject, and although still considered by the general public as contemptible, or treated with derision, I venture to predict that there will be a time in the future when gay folk will be accepted as part of regular society."

AGAIN IN 1948? VERY PROPHETIC. Lets make sure Drumpf and his merry men do NOT take us back to that ugly time!

A Billionaire Pair’s Ultimate Betrayal Of Jewish Values -- By Susie Davidson

This is a picture perfect well written opinion.  My thoughts as I got to the end of it were: WOW!  It is so  good I email it for you to read and share it if you like. 
 Susie Davidson is not only a wonderful writer but a woman of impeccable ethics and humanitarian belief who writes so well from the depths of her heart!! Kudos on this one!!

Good job, Susie, I could not have expressed it better!!  :)