Sunday, July 29, 2012

Israel, Romney, Life and Death

Many possibly have heard Willard Mitt Romney's pandering speech in Israel. Among many insults to Israel's enemies Romney thought it would be such a good idea to declare Jerusalem as Israel's capital. They must have simply loved hearing that in Gaza and around the Arab world.

Romney also indicated that he surely would support a military strike on Iran if Israel deems it necessary. Now that surely WILL stop the Iranians in their tracks in pursuit of a nuclear weapon -- NOT. The world knows that Israel already possesses nuclear weaponry why did the idiot of prescient foreign policy ever think he could threaten his way into perfecting a Middle East peace through violent means? With how many wars in the Middle East would Americans love to be associated -- one, two, three, four or MORE -- paid for on the credit card? Could the US destabilize the Middle East any more than it already has? Could the US kill and displace hundreds of thousands of humanity yet again? Could the US throw itself into yet another war as if the ones George Bush loved killed 4000 of our best and lifetime wounded thousands of others were not enough!

Some neoCONS cannot wait to use a nuclear device on Iran to beat Iran to the punch (so to speak.) I hope there is no wind or rain on the day they use one as radiation just may blow back on the entire Middle East itself including my beloved Israel where relatives about whom I happen to care, live.

Romney is DISGUSTING in every single unethical way known to man. I am Jewish and I love Israel. I SURELY do hope American Jews continue as they always have to support the Democrat Barack Obama. I believe sincerely that they will. Jews as a group supported the president in numbers second only to African Americans. Barack Obama without the bluster of heated rhetoric continues to show his unequivocal support of the Jewish state.

Romney's speech was as usual pandering to the lowest sort of common denominator to get the votes of the Evangelicals and one-issue Jews GUARANTEED NOT to promote peace but to ensure war if GOD FORBID A TRILLION TIMES that jerk Romney is elected. I loathe the man Romney more than I even did George Bush. Now that is going some. I hope and trust my Jewish brethren feel as I do IF they want the Israel to continue to exist!

Romney is a shameless bastard who knows no ethics but his own which is whatever it takes to get the POTUS seal behind the podium from which he would love to speak.

Yet another reason, as if we needed any more, to re-elect the president and Elizabeth Warren to the US Senate. It is a matter, literally, of the life and death of you and your children that we do!