Thursday, May 29, 2008

Scotty the Brave: I think Scott McClellan is incredibly brave. Finally, one lonely man in an administration of ethical refuse that is brave enough to want to offer an explanation for the unending lies, utter corruption and gross incompetence which led to the invasion of a country which did not attack us. One man out of so many who cares about the disastrous Bush policies which have murdered so many and cost so much. His book is stunning in its daring veracity. Whatever money he stands to make I say good for him. He deserves it.

The press and people of all political persuasions who possess an ethical compass need to keep this on the media map. It is huge. This is the important smoking gun amid many smoking guns. This administration needs to be held accountable for the egregiously illegal and unscrupulous things they have done. I simply hope somewhere, sometime, somehow they pay the price for their egregious behavior that none of us who does not posses big money and power would ever get away with. They have cost this country thousands of lives and incalculable treasure. They have uprooted and imbalanced the entire Middle East. Moreover, they have given Iran the keys to the kingdom.

Kudos to Scott McClellan who is one near solitary important voice in the wilderness. He occupied a position of gravitas in a corrupt, immoral, and self-serving administration. This is his day of atonement. He restores my faith in the American system. Hang in there, Scott, there are many out there of all political stripes who are with you!