Saturday, February 23, 2013

Now this is a shockeroo -- NOT. There are gay priests at the Vatican who use male hookers!!? Holy shitsky Batman, who'd have thunk it?

I am NOT anti-Catholic but I am anti Vatican.  What a total hypocritical joke that is the Church. Who on this earth would give up their good money to join this sewer of theft, pedophilia and the visitation to male prostitutes by priests?!

TIP of the iceberg? Me thinks SO! Watch the Vatican and the press cover this putrid story up!”

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A Letter to Rachel Maddow re: Documentary "Hubris"

I have sent a copy  of the notification of the airing of "Hubris."    Just when I think you cannot get any better than you are, Rachel, you yet again surpass yourself.  I cannot wait to watch your documentary and only wish it aired tonight.

It is of course recorded by me as all of your shows are. Mostly I watch them as shown but record them just in case I miss it.

You are the GREATEST thing to happen to progressive journalism.  What a find you were for MSNBC.  You are in my mind beyond great, you are life saving.  This documentary on the as Tom Ricks called it "Fiasco" of Iraq that killed and devastatingly wounded thousands of human beings including thousands of our soldiers was a travesty of justice that had implications not only for the deaths it perpetrated, if that were not bad enough, but all but erased our nation's standing in the world.  Worse than even all those things has been the utter devastation and instability in the Middle East which, in pertinent part, I believe we can lay at the feet of the Iraq War impolitic policy.

I dare anyone, John Country Last McCain included, to debate you on every point.  They never would allow themselves to get into the ring with you.  Your lethality to conservatives is well known and I applaud in the most emphatic way your brilliant success.  We as progressives owe a debt of gratitude to you we could not possibly repay.  

Thank you for your brilliance, thank you for all you do, thank you most of all for being!

May I remind you -- the prescience of George Carlin!

I selectively sent this because some cannot take it.  It has profanity.  But let's face it our system is profane so what's a little verbal profanity to explain it.  George Carlin had it right over five years ago before his death. But it's truth and everyone should know it!

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