Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Threat Mitt Romney Posed

Does anyone in that insane Republican Party realize the poisonous words that came out of the Romnebot's mouth in Israel did more to undue DECADES of hard work by Democrats AND Republicans (before they turned extreme) administrations alike? Romney was egregiously wrong to say what he did.  He in essence told the Israeli opposition that they were inferior and that Jews made it economically because of culture implying that Palestinian culture was less good.  Romney forgot the world was listening.
Romney did more to HURT Israel than 10 presidents did to HELP it.  He hurt the Israeli cause by failing to take account of the opposition's argument and its feelings. Any good mediator NEVER insults one of the parties but tries to work with ALL parties to gain a result.  This guy is either insane or he is kissing Sheldon Buyout Adelson's rings and on bended knee wanting and accepting Sheldon Adelson's MILLIONS won through Nevada casino gambling enterprises.  By the way Sheldon Adelson is being federally investigated under The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act which bars American companies from paying foreign officials (in this case people in Macau, China) to "affect or influence any act or decision" for business gain.
I am Jewish and I support Israel.  I love that country and I do NOT want to, by my words, help destroy it.  The Arab world is in tumult.  Anger is a razor edge sharp.  How many numbers of people compose the Arab world AND the Palestinian people?  MANY MORE THAN ISRAEL. Israel MUST negotiate not only because of the Jewish people's small numbers but because it is guess what -- THE RIGHT THING TO DO.  Perhaps the Palestinians are not doing well because they are suffering from crippling sanctions and relegated in essence to ghettos.
That empty suit Romney has to SHUT UP!  He does more to hurt the cause of the Jewish people than he could ever do to help.  The orthodox Jewish cause is NOT the cause of Israel.  My Israeli brethren better get smart.  It takes two to tango and one does NOT make peace by insulting one's opposition.  One ONLY makes war. Are Romney's sons going to fight the next Middle East war?  Is America going to join the US in how many wars 1, 5, 10 if Romney is elected?  Who will pay for it in blood and money?  You can bet it will not be Romney's sons.  It WILL be the sons and daughters of those who are NOT part of the 1% wealthiest in this nation.
Middle East negotiations take CAREFUL, well planned, well thought out prescient, soft statements that do not inflame but cause all sides to realize each has some points.  People want to be understood and acknowledged.  Romney served ONLY to anger Israel’s enemies and put Israel at great risk.  Moreover, Obama has been supportive and good to Israel while not ignoring in negotiation the plight of the Palestinians.
If you want your children and grandchildren to live with economic stability and foreign policy prudence our president can give us both if the mean, ruinous, destructive and even treasonous Republican Party would truly think of country first instead of last.
We MUST put country first and Re-elect the president and elect Elizabeth Warren the great to the US Senate!