Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Question of Heroism: John McCain cares about one thing...John McCain. Is he a hero? I am not so quick to accept propaganda that comes out of extreme nationalism. Our country, as most all nations do, commits certain atrocities which cannot be denied. American exceptionalism in many cases is illusory. Vietnam was one such instance. How wonderful, how heroic was it to drop a ton of explosives on a people killing about a million, defoliating their country to save them from what was a civil dispute? Now they trade with us. So what was that war for?It was for nothing and got nearly 60,000 Americans and one million Vietnamese killed as well. I do NOT see dropping tons of bombs on people who cannot defend themselves as heroic. I see it as unnecessarily risky as well as immoral and I see it as putting us in the mess internationally we are in today. We MUST control our power. Our military power kills. As we go to Starbucks, Wall Mart or a movie we do not see the mess we make. John McCain refused to refuse to drop bombs in Vietnam in that era and voted in this era to fund the Iraq War our nation's present day Vietnam quagmire. The probable perpetual war as the US stays in Iraq, as McCain would have it, a thousand years will cost trillions and millions of ruined lives.

Our actions have consequences. While I understand McCain's suffering and loath anyone suffer what he did, our nation cannot call the proverbial kettle black. In my opinion, it would have been more heroic had John McCain come out in vehement opposition, as John Kerry did, to a war that cost so much, killed so many and was ultimately waged for no damn good reason. Just my opinion.
Postpone the Debate? Phooey: I emphatically state my unequivocal opposition to the utter brazenness of the McCain campaign to postpone the debate. Postpone the debate are you kidding me? To when exactly should we postpone it? Perhaps the debate will ultimately take the place of a SarahPalin/Joe Biden debate since Sarah Palin is so stunningly unqualified for the presidency. The fear, of course, is that she would be demolished in a debate with a seasoned Joe Biden. We do not need a fast learner we need a knower now of the issues?

Obviously, it does not take genius to realize what John McCain is doing as his poll numbers sink. Yet again and again and again John McCain's decisions show just why John McCain does not put country first. From his decision to put Sarah Palin, a colossally, incompetent choice for the number 2 presidential spot to John McCain's suspension of his campaign under the guise of national emergency, John McCain shows he puts country last. May I remind John McCain he is NOT the president. Barack Obama so eloquently enunciated the truth yesterday. He said this is PRECISELY the time in which Americans should and, indeed, MUST see the stuff of which their presidential candidates are made. It is EXACTLY in times of upheaval or crisis that the American public should know exactly who they are getting. This country has gone through many crises during presidential campaigns and the country's agenda continued. May I remind Senator McCain of the Lincoln/Douglas debates. Lincoln danced to the music despite our country's cacophonous discord.

Shame on John McCain as he yet again must think that the American public is utterly ignorant. Yesterday, as Barack Obama spoke of our country's economic woes and as he stood steadfast that he would be there to debate, I truly saw him as presidential. If I had any doubts before they are erased now. The final vote, for me, will be cast after the University of Mississippi debate. I have no doubt who is the better more presidential of the two candidates especially if the Republican candidate's chair is empty!