Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Dignified Death

The link here is to the Boston Sunday Globe article "Dying Wishes" which is about a little discussed topic of death with dignity.  In addition to explaining what Death with Dignity means it offers the reader the ability to vote yea or nay to this procedure if it were put to a vote. Very few want to discuss this but I believe in speaking truth and looking reality in the face.

I vote a resounding yes to death with dignity or assisted suicide for TERMINALLY ILL patients.  Both from tortured personal experience and the experience of many friends and relatives it is UNBELIEVABLE how horrendous it is for the patient to endure debilitating and freedom depriving terminal illness and how easy it is for others to deny themselves that freedom of choice.  Moreover, by doing so they deny it to everyone else as well.  It is an understatement to say a terminal illness is a horror of the greatest magnitude to endure and that it should be up to the person suffering it to make the ultimate decision for him or herself either by a health care proxy or, if possible, by oneself to either endure the suffering or end it.  One's body is one's own.  The suffering major religions require a human being to endure is  unconscionable.  I would even aver that religion is in the business of suffering and it is in its own vested and monetary interest to encourage one to endure unspeakable pain because then one goes to it for relief. I do not believe anyone can make that life or death decision for me but me.

I never want to give my hard earned bucks to a disgusting nursing home. The nursing home business is a multi-million buck scam as is the cancer pharmaceuticals business.  The drug companies do not want cures for cancer by funding stem cell research, DNA research or environmental contributors to the cancer albatross around everyone's neck to once and for all end that multifaceted malodorous malady.  Slashing, burning or poisoning is the still, after decades, the treatment de jour for cancer.  The so called "war on cancer" is over thirty years old and there is, as in other wars our nation fights, no end in site. The so called "walk for the cure" of Komens does not want a cure they want people to give money to Komens for Komens.  It's a big business and it translates in to BILLIONS for the cancer industry while it sucks dry those who are unlucky enough to get the disease or have a close family member that does. Even if they can buy some time if treatment is available they are often not rich enough to treat it effectively and insurance companies, naturally, will not pay for much of it and most especially will not pay for experimental treatment.

If our culture euthanizes beloved pets because it is the humane thing to do is it no less so for a human being?  I will vote yes for a death with dignity bill if it appears on the Massachusetts ballot in November!  You can accept this difficult decision or reject it as you choose but leave that choice up to me.

My Namesake on Meet the Press

My namesake Hillary Rosen and Rachel Maddow were on Meet the Press this morning.  Both are blessings to progressives everywhere.  Rachel in particular was her usual perfect defending our cause against two Republican heavy weights, Vice Chair of the House Republican Conference Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA), and Republican strategist Alex Castellanos.  

Rachel was wonderful, passionate and absolutely 100% correct.  I thought she and Hillary Rosen knocked it out of the park and the Republicans on their behinds.  I was particularly thrilled Rosen had the opportunity to better explain her views which were originally, I believe, misinterpreted.  She was NOT against Ann Romney or stay-at-home mothers.  Who could be?  BUT those in the 1% cannot in ANY way be compared to those in the 99%. How middle class mothers and poor mothers juggle a job and children is infinitely different.  Ann Romney probably has NO idea what a head of lettuce or even a gallon of gasoline costs.  Why should she?  She doesn't HAVE to.  Her husband’s Republican policy reflects just that point when he wants to take away the earned income tax credit but cut taxes for the top 1%.  Fairness is not in the Republican vocabulary.

Rachel is right when she said state legislatures that turned Republican in the 2010 election catastrophe show EXACTLY what happens when Republicans rule -- high unemployment, the emasculation of unions, no health care and no jobs.  Who are Republicans kidding?

Republicans indicting Democrats as the dividers is a joke.  Republicans are the ones who will NOT compromise, Republicans are the ones who are virulently anti choice, anti birth control and thereby anti women.   Republicans are the ones to introduce religious beliefs which should be separate and apart from the big government Republicans CLAIM they loathe so much. I don't say it, Rachel doesn't say it, Hillary doesn't say it but the CONSTITUTION says it and Republicans are blind to that too.

Rarely does Rachel Maddow say anything in error and if does she apologizes and corrects it immediately.  That is infinitely more than Republicans do unless their arm is twisted into an unnatural position!

My channel in the evening is stuck on MSNBC!

If you are interested in Meet the Press and did not see it Sunday, April 29 I link it below.