Friday, August 07, 2015

Debate Delusion

Not only am I sickened by what occurred for a "debate," like a JERK I stayed up too late in order to watch it and the feckless commentary on it. I tried to look for bloggers whose comments were savvy about the hard-to-watch slog. Last night's stupidity, ignorance and mendacity of those who, if they win, will usher in a melding of church and state (god forbid.)

I am HOPING those smart ones I know who are out there will carry the day against this Republican joke of a Party gone off the ledge to the extreme right wing abyss.

Yes, they ALL hate the nuclear Deal with Iran and want to bomb that country. Unfortunately, they want to take with them the rest of us who have a semblance of political understanding and humane thought. We know based on our past suicides that we cannot lose or become expensively quagmired in another eternal war which we are certain to do if we psychotically bomb Iran. The war lovers will not lose their blood nor their children but the military corporations will continue to wade in bucks they deliver.

ALL these Repuglican candidates believe god is on their side. Are they delusional? YES, indeed, they are! Three comments I thought were on point especially the last one from a highschooler:

Gail Wilhem:

Trump said one thing that will reverberate thru Congress. When Trump was asked why he contributed to Democrats as well as Republicans he said because they will do what I ask them to do. Then he said he had contributed to everyone on the stage with him. And there you have it in a nutshell. Contributions from rich guys to buy something from an elected official, in other words, his contributions are bribes, pure and simple.

Allister Woods:

Trump won before the debate started when he didn't raise his hand saying he would blindly support whomever was nominated regardless of who they were just because they were a Republican. Everyone on that stage knew full well when he didn't raise his hand that he was sending a strong message he is in control right now and is in it to win with or without the Republican nomination. Unless something happens and Trump plummets in the poles and a new Republican skyrockets, Trump is the one they are chasing while he calls the shots. Like it or not, even if you are a Republican that hates him you know full well that if Trump doesn't get the nomination the Republicans don't stand a chance if Trump switches to an Independent dividing the Republican vote. The Republicans are going to need every vote they can get, including Trump's to win, they can't afford a divided Party and a divided vote.

[In my opinion the best post worthy of a Bravo!] David Wohlind -- St. Thomas Aquinas High School

Lost count of the bald-faced lies, the attacks on our government and the number of times they uttered the phrase--"this country can be great again" (as if it weren't already) while refusing to acknowledge how Obama's administration brought the hope and change that pulled our country from the brink of world disgrace and a financial disaster left by the last Republican President.

Obama's vision and progressive way of doing things is the reason this country, booming stock market, affordable medical insurance and all, can claim to be on the rise again, after Bush and Cheney did their level best to completely wreck things. ... the Republicans want to take credit for our country's good tidings, after not lifting a finger to help fighting this administration every step of the way.