Saturday, March 18, 2017

Notes on Scandals

I listened to Rachel Maddow's narration expertise about the flood of scandals covering the Trump administration like a opaque burka covers women in Afghanistan.  I simply do not have the ability nor the gargantuan time it would take to comment on all of it.  The number of investigations taking up eons of time and spending millions of taxpayer dollars that could be spent housing the poor, feeding the hungry, helping the homeless and publicly educating our sadly neglected students is mountainous. Yet these, allegedly bipartisan investigations are, perhaps, the most important occurrences in our nation's history short of the gravity and seriousness of a declaration of war.  I hope they will be done completely, with bipartisan translucence and veracity.

There may be no other time in the history of this nation where the connection between a president and his administration to an adversarial foreign power, Russia, and its involvement in this nation's electoral process that is more threatening to our democracy than that which eventually led to the election as president of Donald J. Trump.  Russia interfered with our most sacred democratic procedure that gives this nation its identity as a democracy the glories of which we have spread with American blood all over the world. 

Trump's love affair with Putin may be explained and Trump's willingness to criticize our greatest allies and friends but not ever criticize Russia may become clear.  The knowledge that Trump may have been allegedly complicit in the 2016 electoral hijacking by Russia is, in my opinion, the most heinous and unimaginable highest crime of treason and betrayal of one's country.
The eternal question of what did the president know and when did he know it hovers over our nation like its shroud.  I am hoping for translucent investigations of potentially one of the highest acts of alleged illegality ever perpetrated with the full knowledge and instruction of a president and/or his presidential campaign.  I am linking below the Rachel Maddow broadcast of last evening for those who may not have seen it.  It explains much more than I have the capacity to do.

If you care about your country you will listen to the Maddow broadcast and on Monday, March 20, the House Intelligence Committee will hold its first public hearing into Russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election.   FBI Director James Comey, National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers, former CIA Director John Brennan, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and former acting Attorney General Sally Yates have been asked to testify about potentially the greatest con ever sold.  It is up to you to evaluate whether their statements taken under oath are true.
Pay particular attention to "Trump scandals overshadow Navy's biggest corruption case" and more playlists on the side of the blog.