Friday, October 03, 2008

Sarah Palin, while surprising some after the debate, did not surprise me. She remains, in my opinion, utterly unqualified for the job of Vice President of the United States, one heartbeat away from an aged man who has had four bouts of cancer. As I watched the debate, I could see how she made a wonderful beauty contest contestant. I could also envision her as cheerleader or majorette in a Thanksgiving Day Parade. Envisioning her as president, however, sent chills down my spine.

Governor Palin did not answer questions and by fact checking one could easily observe she got many answers incorrect or, perhaps, she downright lied. She showed she was excellent at robotically parroting and remembering talking points drilled into her for days by conservative experienced politicos. She failed, however, to generate specifics on issues or show a seasoned understanding of the complexities of policy. Her rote reciting of script at break-neck speed while reading the notes before her made me feel like I had just ingested five cups of coffee. I wanted at times to turn the on switch off or at least ask her to put periods at the end of sentences. The 36 year veteran of the Senate, Joe Biden, unequivocally ruled the debate and showed an understanding and grasp of policy which Governor Palin could not remotely approach.

In addition, there were many questions which the moderator, Gwen Eiffel, did not address either initially or in follow up. GovernorPalin's religious apocalyptic views are of supreme importance. Her views against abortion, staggeringly even in cases of incest, should have been asked. Of all her qualities which make her one of the most unqualified candidates to ever run for the second highest office in the land her fundamentalist religious beliefs are the most worrisome. Not only are they responsible for an utter lack of understanding and knowledge of scientific veracity on issues like evolution, stem cell research and most importantly global warming but her apocalyptic views of the so called "end times" could, indeed, lead her to believe that by pushing the nuclear button she will usher in the return of Christ. This should give every thinking, rational person who loves science and truth pause when they even consider pushing the voting booth button for Palin!