Monday, December 26, 2016

A Thank You Note to Hillary -- and My Comment

Stuff that Needed to be Said by John Pavlovitz -- see link below
My Comment:
This makes me cry. I am STILL so sad, so sickened, so angry about the object of my hate and disgust that I wish so I could shake off the shackles of this nation's racist chains and leave but in truth there is nowhere for me to go even IF I physically could. This is an exceptional nation? I suspect not at least not now.

I am scared, filled with rage and fear that each day becomes a challenge to endure when I read things like Trump will have 100 judicial appointments to fill and he plans to change the trajectory of the judiciary for at least the amount of time I have on earth. Our cause was SO close; it was SO close I could taste it snatched from my tongue by a poisonous asp. If I personally feel this way I cannot even imagine how Hillary must feel. Her life's dream gone in a nightmarish insane instant by thug, a bully, a malevolent maggot and do overs impossible to attain.

Yes, I thank her and hope she keeps in mind the 3 million more of us who loathe the character of Trump and his success but would have rather loved a win for her!