Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Disloyal Party of NO and Know Nothings

The Huffington Post headline is:  "Bloomberg Poll Shows Big But Questionable Obama Lead"
Why questionable?  It would NOT shock me at all if Bloomberg's poll with the president enjoying a big lead is correct. The president SHOULD be ahead even more.  HOPEFULLY finally the American people have seen how HORRENDOUS this disloyal opposition is. 
They are dastardly even near treasonous as their one goal is to take this president down by any means necessary and do often more than hint of violence. They are DESPICABLE.  The president has tried over and over and over again to compromise but they put one road block after another in front of him. The latest is this Holder contempt fiasco. Where were the Republicans when Bush took humanity to war on a lie destabilizing the entire Middle East? Where were they when Bush and his cronies exposed a CIA agent? Where were they in the Bush US attorney scandal?   
THEY ARE SIMPLY DISGUSTING racist hypocrites when the Republican State Convention of Montana constructed an outhouse with such profanity on it I cannot even bring myself to describe it here and Romney who spoke at the convention said NOTHING about it.  They called it "The Barack Obama Presidential Library," riddled it with bullets and wrote things the enumeration of which I cannot write.  These white trash Tea Party types held their white babies and laughed near the outhouse they constructed, and continued the celebration into the next morning.
I cannot believe the president remains so cool and dignified in the face of such racist insults, onslaughts, rudeness, disrespect and vicious obstructionism no president outside of Lincoln has had to endure.  I do not know how he does it.  It is no longer the Republican Party it is the Racist Party of White Christian.  They may as well have swastikas on their shirts.
Hang in there, Mr. President, and watch this rotten, disloyal party of NO and know nothings get creamed. I pray every day that they do!