Sunday, May 14, 2017

Oh NO!!! Larry O'Donnell: My Letter to MSNBC

MSNBC, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE renew Larry O'Donnell's contract for next year. One of the premier voices in television news and commentary, Larry O'Donnell, is without question one of the greats. My evening and survival in these horrific politically perilous times consisting of both Rachel and Larry are the life preservers I rely on to save my life from what would be crippling depression. I have never experienced better progressive views expressed with academic heft.

Larry's experience in things political, the law and television is without parallel and impossible to duplicate. My relatives, friends and I hang on every word and our lives would be significantly diminished if his contract is not renewed.

Please, MSNBC, do not fail to renew his contract as I read on Huffington Post (link below) that it is in question. He is so unique, well versed in the law and brilliant having depth, insight and humanity so many of us would miss without him.