Monday, July 31, 2017

Putin’s Bet on a Trump Presidency Backfires Spectacularly by David Sanger -- MY COMMENT TO THE NYT

Please see the link below to view Mr. Sanger's opinion entitled "Putin's Bet on a Trump Presidency Backfires Spectacularly" in the NYT. It is an excellent opinion.

MY COMMENT: Let me clarify my political stance. Trump is an anathema to me as I believe domestically and in foreign policy he has sown not unification but extremist right wing division. Worse he is woefully ignorant of the historicity of his foreign policy by tweet.

He initially made some progressives at first think that perhaps his dabble as a Democrat years ago would ensure his policies might not be that bad. I was consummately wrong. Truly, his "policies" are much worse than I ever thought they would be.

Having said that the one thing I had hoped for was his softening of this nation's long held anti-Communist irrational fear of Russia during the cold war era. I thought reaching out to Russia, perhaps, would be a good thing until Russia's hacking of the US 2016 election allegedly with Trump's support if not help obviated even my remote hope that Trump would change US/Russian policy for the better.

As is true of Trump's entire campaign to secure the presidency Trump said what he did not to help mute the danger of US/Russian hostility but to help the number one person Trump cares about helping and that is Trump.

In the ensuing days we shall, I hope, see as Mueller unfolds the essence of the horrific Trump/Putin love affair. We will know the price we all have paid electing a true Manchurian candidate. Trump and we the American electorate have been Putinesque had and Putin, too, may rue the day he shook hands with the US liar in chief!