Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Magic of Moyers: How many times can Bill Moyers deliver the most excellent commentary on television? Friday's segment about the ties of big oil to the Iraq War was one of the best. One can so clearly see the i's dotted and t's are crossed. It is not surprising but it IS gut wrenching.

Bill Moyers made it ever so crystal clear. No WMD, no democracy, no freedom. Oil is it. The Iraq War was all for oil. Alan Greenspan said it in his book, Cheney and Wolfowitz said it way before 9/11 as the oil barons under cover and in secrecy met with the big guys on campus right in the White House. The Supreme Court upheld the secrecy of those meetings. Oil, said Rupert Murdoch, after Iraq was going to be twenty bucks a barrel. 4000 dead, thousands horrifically wounded, millions displaced, trillions spent -- 130 bucks a barrel later, a recession if not a depression looming the rationales for the Iraq War go down the toilet. We are suffering and our planet is suffocating.

I don't know how these guys sleep at night. They simply do not care. That is the nature of the American right wing or maybe any right wing. It's what they are all about. They just do not care about anything except money and power any way they can get it. If it means rolling over the Indian, carting human cargo in slave ships or bombing any country into oblivion some administration perceives as defeating American monied interests, they will do it. Perpetrating deception and lies is how they operate. Middle America and low income Evangelicals fight their battles and are duped into thinking Republicans and yes a few bought blue dog Democrats too support their cause. Then the robber barons laugh all the way to the bank as big money and big God walk hand in hand to get there. Maybe they are the ones that have it correct as they bestow their fortunes upon them from one generation to the next on the backs of our blood, sweat and tears. This time they win big IF they have a planet left to bestow!