Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Every Day

Every day there is something new, mendacious and outrageous Trump and/or his henchmen say to send my blood pressure Pluto bound.This "administration" is a horror show worse than any I could ever have imagined and is endless with devastating repercussions. The question for me is how to keep the sanity I have left without looking for that window from which to jump.

I have tried a number of things to deflect my attention such as watching reruns of Andy Griffith, Gunsmoke, Columbo, or I Love Lucy that transport me in time travel to another dimension that was for me unencumbered by the death wielding realities of modern political policy. This nation and additional strong others have perpetrated mayhem which has consumed so many of our own lives and so many others around the globe. The fact that many in this nation remain oblivious to its own history refusing to cast a questioning eye on policy gone askew keeps the weight of the albatross of potential annihilation around our necks plaguing us in present time.

We must own up to the nation's flagrant abuse of power in foreign lands for decades the rationale behind which is almost always the cash it brings to the select few. It was both the luck of the Middle East to have oceans of black gold and the ruination of the Middle East which allowed colonialism to flourish plundering the weak by the strong as long as payoffs were made to leaders giving license to it that kept them rich but their own people poor. It was a dastardly arrangement and arrogance that has taken decades with which to come to terms and yet it continues to persist all over the world. Muscular powers, too, like Russia have unlawfully usurped and carved up the globe for themselves and their own personal enrichment. We wonder now why oh why the world is in such violent shape, hating us and those who abuse their superior strength as nations resist the stranglehold the powerful have over the weak.

It is why statements made by a president must be carefully thought. It is why this imbecilic know-nothing Trump at the helm of the most powerful nation on earth keeping in his possession the ability to annihilate sends shudders down our spines and those of our allies. We stand chilled with incredulity at the statements Trump cavalierly makes without scholarly or well read thought behind what he says. His and those in his cabinet's loose, inane and downright stupid shoot-from-the-hip statements heard on a global stage could get us all killed and eradicate everything within the once beautiful and only planet we inhabit.

Wilbur Ross, Trump's corrupt Secretary of Commerce, at his dinner at Mar-A-Lago called Trump's attack on Syria "Entertainment." As bombs fell on so many including women and children he used "entertainment" to describe it like he was describing a Broadway show. The comment was gut wrenching to those of us who know what bombs dropping means. It is neither as Brian Williams inartfully described the attack "beautiful" nor is it "entertainment."

Trump calls Kim Jong Un, one of the most authoritarian despots on earth, a "smart cookie" with whom Trump would be "honored" to speak. I wonder what South Korea or Japan, the nations who have the most to lose in a N. Korean assault, thought. The statements by this clown circus president are too voluminous to state here. Google will gladly bring them to you if you want to decide whether to laugh or cry.

I leave you with what I thought was one of the most egregious statements about US history he made yesterday. The president had a thought (worrisome when he does as one never knows what he will say, how erroneous it will be and who it will inflame.) This man who thinks he knows "the art of the deal" wondered why the Civil War even had to be fought; that is why a compromise could not be made to avoid the five year fight not understanding that compromises in fact were made! Does the Kansas/Nebraska Act or the Missouri Compromise of 1850 ring a bell? I think ashamedly not. Compromises between slave states and free states could not be made to endure. The Civil War was about the extension of and the existence of slavery. It was as contentious then as often race surprisingly is in present day. He thinks that a president Andrew Jackson (a celebratory picture of whom hangs on the wall of the Oval Office aside Trump,) whose death was 14 years before the Civil War began, could have stopped it. Trump thinks Jackson was inflamed by it and could have ended it before it began. I think he thinks he, Trump, could have stopped it. Ignoring for the moment that Jackson's death was before the Civil War Trump lauds him for being decisive but "with a good heart." Trump forgot to learn that Jackson himself owned slaves and that Jackson expelled over 100,000 Indian men women and children out of their ancestral home marching them to the west remembered by them as the harsh "Trail of Tears." Moreover, as the historian expert on the Jackson presidency, Jon Meacham, stated when interviewed about the Jackson presidency, Jackson was a man who wanted to keep the union whole and whose brother and mother died in the Revolutionary war.

Mr. Trump, pick up a book and read it!