Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mitt Romney will NOT win

The more Mitt Romney acts like a horse's petuti especially on 9/11 the more I LOVE President Obama. Mitt Romney you ARE going to lose of that I am sure because you and those who god knows why support you are an unprincipled, mendacious, inhumane and an empty soulless lot.

Say all you want against our president, spend as much as the few billionaires who want you to win for their own selfish needs, run as many ads as you want even if it is a million you STILL will not win. Suppress the vote as you have tried to do, YOU STILL will not win. It is a testament to this democracy, to those who DO see greatness in the embodiment of our president and our system of government will NEVER let you near the oval office!

God bless our great nation and its great president who WILL win re-election on November 6, 2012.

An Addendum to 9/11

If you have not read the NYT article "The Deafness Before the Storm" today I post it here and paste it below for you to do so. On this anniversary of the worst attack ever perpetrated by a foreign entity on American soil, the depths and the errors that cost such a huge amount of life the NYT has exposed, at least in part, more (as if we did not have enough) evidence of the blatant and sickening negligence of team Bush for that attack.

We all know about the Presidential Daily Briefing (PDB) that said "bin Laden to strike in US" which went unheeded. BUT what that administration did NOT do is release the other memos warning the Bush administration of the imminence of the attack, stating by the CIA the risk in dire and plaintive terms that an impending attack was at hand. It was ignored again and the neo-con CON was erroneously believed that the link between Hussein's Iraq and bin Laden was the real culprit which connection we now know was false. This is a stunning revelation because the costs in life, foreign ire, the fragmentation of a region and future repercussions to us including the tremendous blood and treasure cost of permanent war were and are at risk.

Yes, I believe in looking forward but it surely is important to look back on the seminal event of our time which brought so much death in our century. I believe it is up to us to be always vigilant and the media to critically analyze government policy -- which it failed miserably to do -- so that this never ever happens again!