Thursday, September 13, 2012

Coming to a Theater Near You

John McCain is as critical as Romney is against the president without knowing all the facts. Both he and the nervy near treasonous Romney taking advantage of a grave moment for our country should ZIP it lest they compromise and divide our nation even more perilously than we already are. If it were up to them this nation would be plunged into yet another war and this time a huge one with Iran. Iran WOULD fight back using sophisticated weaponry Iraq did not have. Pakistan would also be in tow with their nukes or loose ones and court the risk of other super powers chiming in as well. The insulting ego-maniacal feckless Romney simply wants to grab headlines and the White House at all costs even if it means compromising the country. Sure, send our kids off to an endless war with probably weapons of real mass destruction spreading to our soldiers and even into Israel.

This is NOT a shoot from the hip moment. Bush shot from the hip and destabilized an entire region killing thousands and horrifically wounding others for life. And there is always the deficit -- Republicans are SUPPOSED to care about deficits but used a credit card to pay for a phony war racking up billions for their war profiteers says otherwise.

The best part of this president is his ability NOT to throw a bomb haphazardly without thought. Republicans charge that the president is soft on terrorists? Oh really? He has gone after them unmercilessly and without boots on the ground. If McCain had gotten elected the result would have been mayhem as it will be if Romney prevails. Oh yes, lest I forget, just who did get bin Laden?

Bombing Iran will get thousands upon thousands killed. If you think Iraq was bad, bombing Iran will be Iraq times 10 with weapons of mass destruction to boot and it will be coming to a theater near you if America votes an impetuous unprincipled man into office. Romney's polls are now tanking for a reason. One hopes the American people see Romney for the despicable, sham, paid-for-by-billionaires candidate he is!