Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Brady's Cross of Gold: Joanna Weiss's September 14 Globe editorial "Brady may have given to charity, but did he need to take from it?" was perfection (link below)! She was right on the money (pardon the pun). I thought the very same thing after the story broke about Patriot quarterback Tom Brady whose car, involved in an accident, was a loaner from the charity he endorsed. It reinforces yet again what this country is about. Is it EVER about an athlete or an entertainer simply GIVING his endorsement without any perks because it is simply the right and charitable thing to do when one is making millions? Apparently it is not. Like anything else in this country, everything is UP FOR SALE and Tom Brady by accepting the Audi perk for a charity endorsement is a quid pro quo example of just that. The statue of faith, love and example that Brady was has broken in two for me.

Am I surprised? No, of course not. Simply look at the mirror image of Patriot player Randy Moss. He SAYS he loves working for the Patriots but had an odd way of showing it. He loves them so much he spoils the first game great win of the season with a cry baby rambling speech that they don't love him enough. No, he says it's not about the money it's about the love. They just don't love and appreciate me enough, he says. Well that love and appreciation for both of them comes with the MASSIVE OUTRAGEOUS salaries they make which could give them riches for life!

As the social critic comedian Lennie Bruce decades ago observed: There is something wrong in a nation which pays its teachers so little but gives its movie stars (and in this case sports stars) millions! Both Randy Moss and Tom Brady could show a little appreciation themselves. In Randy Moss's case he should just shut up and play the game in which he is so fortunate to have the chance and ability to play. In Tom Brady's case he should give back the car and the money it cost to the charity he endorsed as the good Christian he SAYS he is and buy himself a fleet of Audis he could most easily afford. Both of these men are shameful!