Saturday, October 20, 2012

One Shining Moment -- can we relate?

I lived the experience of the era of George McGovern. Former presidential candidate, George McGovern lies near his natural death but this documentary shown on Democracy Now here and below is the story of me and millions like me who rose up then and said NO to a war waged on the powerless for hegemony of the world.

How much is history repeating itself? Moreover, some have said the fix is in for this election and that power and money will fix and buy this election for the biggest liar and charlatan, Willard Mitt Romney, that has ever had the potential of occupying this highest office. If you elect him you sow the seeds of the demise of this nation as those who are rendered powerless, hungry, homeless and without hope will not take this lying down while liars and frauds steal an election by the surreptitious wielders of power and huge money unknown in the history of man.

Watch this documentary, see and know the politics of that era as it exists now. If you do not watch it take heed the massive corruption usurping the echelons of power will continue to exist but it will only exist if WE let it.