Monday, October 25, 2010

HOPE or a Moral Sewer: This is what you have to look forward to IF Republicans take over the House and/or Senate. See the article from (Link below) about Republicans impeaching our president if they take the reins of power: Is that what you want? Impeachment hearings for the president who has committed NO impeachable offense whatsoever and who was OH SO CAREFUL to try to reach out to the other side who kicked dirt in his face every time!

Bush/Cheney war criminals who took a nation to war based on lies, tortured, killed HUNDREDS of thousands, maimed hundreds of thousands more driving MILLIONS into exile destabilizing a Middle East and did so with impunity, get away scot free. Bush's ONLY regret: That he did not privatize Social Security. Now I ask you in what moral universe to these Republican sewer dwellers live? The fact that Cheney has NO pulse and is kept alive solely by the advances of machinery is a GOOD metaphor for what he is ... the walking dead! His policies while he was in power made hundreds of thousands of innocents walking dead as well.

We CANNOT let them get away with some of the MOST egregious injustices ever perpetrated by a political party in power. There STILL is hope. THERE IS STILL TIME. DEMOCRATS GET OUT TO VOTE. INDEPENDENTS, GET OUT TO VOTE DEMOCRATIC. STOP this never ending sewer and rancid money machine that is the Republican party. GET OUT TO VOTE DEMOCRATIC NOVEMBER 2!