Sunday, October 31, 2010

To My Florida family and friends: I have a favor to ask of you. I have never in my life voted Republican NOR have I voted Independent. I always vote Democratic and have since Age 18. I am now 62. HOWEVER, in the Florida race, for the first time, I am endorsing the Independent Charlie Crist. There are several things admirable about Charlie Crist. First, he is an Independent but says he will caucus with the Democrats; Second, he has gravitas which phenomenal experience in government has given him. He is VERY bright and is on the correct side, in my view, on most issues including, the important to me, social issues; Third, Kenrick Meek while I agree with his positions does not have a CHANCE not one CHANCE to win. Reality dictates that Crist is the man of the hour for progressives and for those who care about the direction of the country. Republicans do NOT get it and you will absolutely get more of the same if they take Congress which some think they will. I don't because they are almost to a man in lockstep with corporate America. They are NO different then the potential speaker Boehner and Senate potential leader McConnell two of the BIGGEST acceptors of powerful lobbying money ever.

So in order not to throw the Florida senate to the most awful Republican Tea Partiers hands I implore to you vote for Charlie Crist and to get all your friends and family you can persuade to do so as well.

You will be getting a GOOD senator and sending a message to Washington that the Tea Baggers, while a force in politics today, are NOT the force they think they are and are DUPED by big Republican money. They are DESTRUCTIVE to the American body politic and will create further stalemate and division more of which we surely do NOT need.

I am holding my breath. I have some worry but I am HOPING that Democrats and progressives nationwide will step up to the plate and VOTE. If we VOTE we cannot lose. That is the variable because we have the numbers. But we cannot just have the numbers if we do not vote. Florida is slightly different because Charlie Crist has said he will vote with the Democrats and you will, if you elect him, be getting a VERY capable leader in the Senate!

Floridians, VOTE CHARLIE CRIST for Senate!