Friday, September 28, 2012

The Company Brown Keeps -- Brown Has Some Splainin to Do!

While it is true, gotcha politics stinks, sometimes it is necessary to fight fire with so called proverbial fire. Scott Brown has recently taken some necessary return fire from the great Elizabeth Warren. Scott Brown is full of himself, thinks his Senate seat is permanent and that he is immune from scandal. Certainly a woman like Elizabeth Warren could never ruin his ever-so-masculine image and career by trouncing him in this Senatorial election. Well, it's ALL image as the vicious Cherokee tomahawk chop racist rant of Brown's campaign cronies proves. That IS backfiring and it SHOULD.

However, on another and very important front, I suggest Brown yet again take that nasty log out of his eye. The article below says legions about Brown's involvement as attorney for one of the most flagrant real estate scam companies writing so called "liars loans" leading up to the 2008 crash. What did Mr. Brown know and when did he know it? This is a question NO candidate wants to be asked.

I will let you read all about it here and below for details. Scott Brown has some BIG splainin to do and the press has some Fourth Estate investigation to do into this possible fatal black eye-punch which WILL, HOPEFULLY, land on Brown soon.
Scott Brown Worked as a Real Estate Attorney For Notorious Document Fraudster LPS

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