Sunday, July 06, 2008

A Nuclear Nightmare: A UTUBE of Ron Paul discussed the absolute eventuality of a blockade, an attack and an eventual nuclear attack of Iran. He makes a convincing case that it is at hand. I responded on that possibility in a blog.

It is beyond my imagination that this country, after Afghanistan and the debacle of Iraq with little capacity to wage more war, would even contemplate striking Iran much less bomb them ultimately with nuclear weapons. I feel completely powerless. What can the average person do? Ron Paul is in the Senate, has some power, has a somewhat large following and yet he really is impotent when one looks at the national stage. Libertarians and progressives simply do not make up enough of the national psychic reality to reverse our course.

I believe there is a segment of this country especially within the Republican party which loves war. Let me rephrase that. They love the victory of war. Unfortunately, since WWII those victories have been few and far between because American foreign policy since then has been so stupidly and without foresight conducted. I think most Americans are angry for 9/11, so angry for the failure in Iraq (and Vietnam too), so angry at the pulsating furor of the Arab/Middle Eastern world against the west, and so angry for huge oil prices that they truly want to annihilate. I think many, if honesty could prevail, want to visit a nuclear obliterative war upon the Middle East without regard and without understanding the nature of their own desires, the countries involved and what the consequences will be.

Ron Paul has said and I believe it is true, Iran WILL strike back in some capacity. Other powers, albeit nuclear powers, may engage and our troops, 160,000 of them, will be caught in the middle. The Israelis will be caught in the middle too as nuclear dust and nuclear winters have regional and even world-wide consequences. Nuclear fallout knows no boundaries. The price of oil, of course, will be in the stratosphere and the dollar will be worthless. Our country, too, is not immune from the physical and medical consequences of a nuclear exchange.

I am reminded of Shakespeare's Macbeth: "If it were done, when 'tis done, then 'twer well, it were done quickly" as we will all suffer the hellacious consequences. Severe burns, starvation, disease, cancer and death are some of the poisons nuclear war will bestow. Ridiculous to even say, no one will be converted and lifted into heaven. The destruction of billions of years of evolved life and the ruin of our beautiful planet is impossible to understand but understand it we must. I simply hope that somehow the better angels of our nature prevail among those who have the real power to do something. There are a few voices who want to stop this insanity. We must become the many before it is too late as the hour I fear draws near.