Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Investigation Turns to Kushner’s Motives in Meeting With a Putin Ally -- [you would do well to read this]


‘The presidents house of betrayal’-- A Metro-West resident's Letter and My Comment

Ms. Mary Ann Borkowski of Wayland states in her May 25 letter to the editor of the Metro West News:
Wow. Michael Gerson [May 23 Daily News] spent 20 percent of his column about the fact that the president of our country disparaged the head of one of our intelligence departments to impress the Russians and to apparently obstruct the investigation of Russian interaction with campaign and Trump associates. Then 80 percent of his outrage that someone leaked the information!
Am I missing something here?
Chatting up the Russians in the Oval Office, sharing sensitive information (that some undercover operative may have already been killed because of our president’s ‘choice’ to ‘declassify’), disparaging our intelligence experts and gloating about derailing an investigation that potentially is about treason; this is all ... OK?
I feel this president is betraying this country.
My Comment:
Ms. Borkowski, you said your thoughts [May 25] succinctly and well. I could not agree with you more. I have said the same thing on numerous occasions.  Trump and his gang of conspirators' alleged accusations against them are so egregious and so voluminous one does not know where to begin.

I just finished watching a 60 Minute segment on the legion of corruption in the Brazil government and prosecutors ' attempts to seek justice from top to bottom to punish the guilty for their actions. The number involved in the Brazilian corruption is huge and includes not only the president but also impeachment of a succeeding president as well as prosecution of many in the Brazilian legislature who were part of the corruption. It reminded me of Trump and his gang with the hope that justice prevails as it has in third world countries which seem the most immune from prosecution.

Our advanced nation should, if the evidence prevails, do the same as Brazilian prosecutors and not let these men/women who have bamboozled a base into believing Trump is about them. It is so obvious he is not.  Trump urged the Russians to hack Democratic computers to give Trump an electoral edge and they did.  The reason for cozying up to the adversarial nation of Russia is nose-on-your-face plain.  How much evidence does one need?  The con is about Trump, the Republicans and those who monetarily support them, part of the 2% wealthiest stuffing as much cash into their pockets as is possible being at or attendant to the apex of political power of the most powerful nation on earth.

I have dreams about Trump et al, taking a perp walk of shame handcuffs around their wrists and legs. I am not a vengeful person but the damage that the Trump syndicate of alleged business conflicts, money laundering, fraud not to mention Constitutional emolument clause abandonment, possible crimes against the Logan Act, and even possibilities of flouting the US Espionage Act is too much to withstand.  All that without indicting this malevolent administration for their heinous policies of healthcare, the scoring of which has 23 million (mainly the poor) losing health care coverage over 10 years and an alleged tax overhaul which will mean the top 2% wealthy like Trump will pay significantly less so that the payment of taxes will fall on the middle class and the poor as well.  It is all mind exploding. For all of them to get away with what comes close to treason if not treason itself is unacceptable.

What if a Democrat perpetrated the greatest con in US history that Trump has perpetrated bamboozling his base while profiting at the country's expense?  One can only imagine what the Republican outcry would be. Trump has thumbed his nose at the nation telling us he is above the law.  He is not and it will be proven so.  May justice for the guilty of Trumpgate prevail!