Friday, October 28, 2016


I may be rethinking this latest extension of Hillary's email frenzy as the biggest abridgement of civil liberties since the infamous J. Edgar Hoover's pathetic career of secret phone taps and bugs on figures like MLK and other Democrats when in fact it was conservatives who decimated Constitutional requirement to safeguard a human being from government overreach. This will be I suspect now much ado about nothing and indeed Republican Comey's motives are suspect.

This is a man who is supposedly scrupulous in his legal behavior? I suspect he failed this test miserably. To dangle an explosive email out for the public to stare at 11 days until a president is elected and to throw a possible monkey wrench into the probable Democratic winner of the presidency is a dastardly act, Mr. Comey and one from which the Republic may not survive. The mails in question were Abadein's TO Secretary Clinton and therefore might be duplicates. Mr. Comey, either look at those emails from Abadein in record breakneck speed, give Hillary Clinton the civil rights she deserves and take pity on a nation blasted by Trumpian lies or withdraw your investigation. This is in one word insane!

The latest Don Con with Republican FBI Director Comey's help

FBI is reopening Clinton's emails as they have they say more 10 days before the election related to another matter that is Anthony Weiner's texting? Give me a break. Where is that building from which I want to jump? She has been in the Republican cross-hairs forever. Thankfully, I voted early for HRC and everyone else should too.

I called her campaign headquarters which I do often because I have put my own reputation on the line writing so much as I do in support of her printed sometimes in publications. I completely agree with many who want this to end and I said so on headquarters voicemail that this insanity needs to be addressed and addressed as soon as humanly possible. She cannot no matter how far ahead be left hanging for Trump to use as another pinata. We must not let Donald Trump rule the airwaves because I believe she has nothing to hide and if that is true step up to the plate and hit a home run for the American voter and the nation who will, if this fire is put out promptly, vote Secretary Clinton the next president of the United States. May it be so!