Monday, July 23, 2012

The National Rotten-to-the-Core Association

The NRA (National Rife Association) is a curse upon our nation. Touting the Second Amendment as an excuse to possess weaponry that should be reserved for the armed forces is a ruse. Our nation’s Founders, the creators of the Second Amendment to the US Constitution, did NOT envision a nation composed of AK47 assault rifles, extra magazine bullet clips meant solely for murdering in cold blood dozens of innocents. Our Founders would CRINGE at that dastardly organization's lack of basic humanity.

Even police officers are against such lethal weaponry because they face it threatening their lives every day. Who knows how many sick minds like the Aurora, Colorado murderer there are in our country of 350 million. If his gun had not jammed even more would be dead today. How many less would be dead if he did not possess at all enough weaponry to start a war?

People who support the NRA and owners of all manner of war-making weaponry will never EVER make war against our government. It is a FIGMENT of their sick imagination if they think they need that kind of weaponry the purpose of which is only to serve an overthrow of the government. The NRA and the gun manufacturers are determined to oppose rational gun law prohibitions because of one thing – money. Follow the money and you will know why we do not have sane gun restrictions in this country. Like most everything Congress is bought by NRA money while a six year old dies and her mother lies in critical condition paralyzed from the neck down because of someone who should NEVER have had any gun at all.

There should be an ALL OUT BAN on war making weaponry and STRICT national regulation on gun shows that can sell their lethal wares to anyone no questions asked. Thousands in this country are felled by deranged individuals who get their hands on guns that should NOT be in their hands at all.

Aurora, Colorado and so many other gun mayhems in this nation MUST have meaning. The despicable NRA organization must be curtailed by NOT contributing money to it and by the power of an opposition unafraid to tell their representatives to fight AGAINST it. The NRA is NOT invincible; not now after the heart-breaking loss of life at the hands of a psychopath who should NEVER have been able to wage war against innocents who merely wanted to watch a movie! I await the day of the NRA’s diminished capacity. NOTHING it does and nothing those who advocate for it adds to the safety and security of our nation!