Thursday, July 21, 2016

Donald Trump is a Sociopath--Article New Yorker Magazine by Jane Mayer

Read and Heed the "New Yorker Magazine" article by respected author Jane Mayer

An EXPLOSIVE interview about the ghost writer of the Art of the Deal Tony Schwartzl!!! Chilling

Interview with Rachel Maddow about Jane Mayer's article in the "New Yorker Magazine" I would love to get that article. You're jaw will drop.    OMG!!!…/art-of-the-deal-ghostwriter-speaks-o…
Tony Schwartz, the ghostwriter for Donald Trump's book

A first and last time kudo -- the Republican Party in Chaos!

I, no surprise, ABSOLUTELY LOATHE MOST EVERY CANDIDATE in the Republicon Party with the exception MAYBE of John Kasich and even he I find little about which to support. I will say one thing about him, though, he stayed away from the Asylum Party's unconventional convention ... so far. Kudos at least for that.

I, NEVER support anything Ted Cruz says, does or about which he is BUT this one time I will say the man had the courage of his convictions, in his address to the convention, to NOT support Trump! I applaud him for that.

Good for you, Ted Cruz, after what that orange faced hairless nincompoop gorilla (apologies to gorillas) along with all of Trump's frauds, lies, cruelty and psycho pathology, adding the terrible insulting things he said about you, your wife, as well as having the temerity to say your father was involved with Lee Harvey Oswald in the assassination of JFK, I congratulate you for upholding at least their honor by not endorsing the most DESPICABLE candidate, a dangerous candidate and a worse man that ever existed on the US historical landscape.

The fact that Cruz had the fortitude to stand up to this little man Trump, a man of NO ethical worth, a man of fraud, tax evasion and Machiavellian cruelty makes me think Cruz may be a smidgen better than that which I always thought he was. So, Ted Cruz, kudos are in order. Cruz did the right thing by not being a lap dog for the worst most embarrassing candidate for the presidency in the history of this nation, Donald J. Trump.

May Trump lose an embarrassing and utterly CRUSHING loss landslide I suspect (or at least HOPE) he now will to the MOST qualified and unfairly (to say the least) maligned candidate in US history, Hillary Rodham Clinton and may the Republicon Party of racist and misogynist white supremacy be ultimately relegated to the ash heap of history.