Tuesday, September 08, 2015

From My Mouth into God's Ears

42 Democrats Back Iran Deal.  Do you realize how great this Deal linked here and below with Iran is?   Do you realize that this among so many other things the Obama administration has done is one of the momentous things that the administration has completed in the history of this nation and did so overcoming great odds?

This administration with Republicans dedicated to the eradication of every single effort the Obama administration wanted passed has overcome so many many times odds that were Herculean.  Instead of the minority Democratic Party being powerless in the face of Republican majorities in both houses they used their minority status to jet propel success in so many venues of the Obama presidency.

My prediction which I hope I live to see is that this administration historically will go down as one of the most brilliant and strategically savvy administrations historically ever.

In essence this Deal could and should negate Iran's having a nuclear weapon in perpetuity that means forever!   The bestial Republican opposition has been defeated yet again.  Oh, by the way the US still has nuclear weapons galore to destroy the earth 10 times over and has been the only nation on the planet to have used them probably to instill fear for the then WWII Soviet perceived "menace."  Iran sees the illegal US war making efforts through lies used time and again yet still they wanted the deal with an aggressive and often war like "exceptional" nation.  And oh yes, by the way Israel, even though it will never admit it, has many nuclear weapons but hey we won't talk about that. 

Netanyahu certainly has worked his magic on me, a once unequivocally ardent supporter of the Jewish state.  Israel lost a great deal of my support when it sent Netanyahu to speak in front of Republicans ensuring Jews like I give our unqualified support of the Jewish state another look.

Republicans deserve with their government shutting down proclivities and other hateful policy to lose elections in perpetuity.  That means forever and with Trump's anti Hispanic rhetoric he should ensure just that. 

The Republican Party is a doomed party of old, religionist, anti-science, white, racist, mean men and they know it because the demographics say it.  I predict an ushering in of A NEW ERA (that is what the next Democratic administration should call itself) where science rules, logic and rational thought prevail and the forces of darkness and hate are diminished.  As the saying goes:  From my mouth into God's ears!


Refugee crisis--IMPORTANT you should read

I send this article here or below because it is important. I do not agree with all of it but I do agree with most of it that the reason behind the millions of refugees heading for western Europe is a direct result of miserable and noxious western and NATO policy in the Middle East over decades destabilizing an entire already unstable swath of the globe. The Iraq War and many other present-day Middle East interventions are the most recent horrific consequence. 

As I have so often said that you reap what you sow and because electorates remove themselves from the decision making processes of their governments and remain ignorant swallowing propaganda of the corporate media millions suffer and in the end it is deposited on our doorstep.

"Be kind to the stranger because you were once strangers in a strange land." Leviticus 19:34.