Monday, April 24, 2017


Many of the posts on progressive sites make sense even though some seem argumentative of what the other is saying. What is happening in France to make sure the moderate Macron wins over the right wing extremist Trump-like anti-immigrant Le Penn is to unite the multi-party factions against her.

Dems MUST present a united front too. No one Democrat or progressive is going to be all things to all people but we know Democrats will stand for much the opposite of what most all Republicans will offer. Dems will stand for civil rights and voting rights for those minorities Republicans want to suppress. They will stand for the environment, climate change action, clean energy and clean air Republicans want to erase. Democrats will stand for health care. Democrats will stand for gay rights, immigrants and minority religious rights Republicans want to crush, they will stand for regulations of banks to ensure a Great Recession never happen again, we will stand together on government enlisted to help the middle class and know government has its place to help. We stand together on so much more.

We MUST stop infighting and stand for all those things to which we know Democrats and all progressives agree. Government is NOT the problem but it can be one among many solutions.

We MUST retake the House, take the Senate and stop all Republican murderous to-human-rights-legislation. We do that like the multi party France seems to be doing against the poisonous right wing nationalist Le Pen -- STAND TOGETHER! As Ben Franklin so wisely said in his era I say of ours "We must hang together or we most assuredly will hang separately!"