Saturday, April 12, 2014

My Bleeding Heart

Huffington Post headline with a picture of one Koch brother reads in HUGE letters "GOP BUCKS BURN OUT DEMS" here or below.

My heart sank when I saw the headline even though I surely know the reality. I could not even read the entire story as I know the story well. This is what those rancid Supreme Court "conservative" unconscionable and unethical five did when 5 to 4 they decided Citizen's United and McCutcheon as a chaser reinforcing it.  They actually made law, an action once condemned by those very conservatives, who, when they benefit from it, surely do not mind doing that at all. 

These five immoral justices single handedly opened up the flood gates of money in political campaigns overturning McCain/Feingold election law reform. They rigged the entire, total and complete game for the richest 1%. The middle class Tea Bags do not get it that Republicans are not about them. Now, how on God's earth does one fight that kind of money? 

Our VOTE is the ONLY shred of hope we have to compete as Republicans try to suppress even that. It shows one how very weak Republicans truly are.  The only way they can win is buying the vote or suppressing it.

I hope the majority of an often uncaring electorate especially in the mid-terms see what has been done in our name -- the scorching of American democracy. What an utter disappointment in an era that once sought and got through blood, sweat and tears, so much change for the good. That change is reversing and disappearing before our very eyes. The headline pierced my heart so much it bled.  I am sure right wingnuts react to that with glee.

If ALL of us do not get out to vote Democratic in November then we have ourselves to blame for the government we get.   You MUST get out the vote for Democrats in local, state and federal elections everywhere across the nation in November, 2014. As I say often, THERE IS SO MUCH AT STAKE and our lives, your children's lives, our nation's life and, indeed, our planet's life depend upon it!