Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bridge the Divide: I responded to an interesting article in John Hopkins Magazine entitled: "The Big Question: Can Republicans and Democrats Agree on Anything?" by Catherine Pierre (link below). She thought we could. I think, naturally, otherwise and said so.

I am a Democrat. As the two party system has evolved over many years to its current dysmorphic state it is impossible for me to see the two party system of Republicans and Democrats working together, side by side and in peace for the greater good. Does this sound like an Israeli/Palestinian peace soundbite? The intractability of this difficult prospect feels that way to me.

Sometimes, in life, there are positions which are SO obnoxious, SO inherently malicious, stupid, reactionary, unjust and untrue it becomes IMPOSSIBLE to bridge the divide. Although the president can be criticized, in my opinion for not being progressive enough, he has given the opposition MORE than ample opportunity to work with him. He has never, in fact, STOPPED from reaching out to the other side. He gets kicked in the gut and slapped in the face EVERY time not ONLY by a party that simply has a different philosophy but by utterly racist political ammunition loaded for bear.

I would be MORE than happy to compromise IF the other party ditched their uncompromising and extremism religious loyalty oath, realized that some times, indeed, private enterprise needs a disciplinarian to keep it from running us over, killing the pedestrian and stealing all of his credit cards. I could compromise IF they thought health care were a RIGHT and not equate it to low cost insurance for a rusty old high mileage jeep. We are talking about policy for HUMAN BEINGS and about a basic fundamental philosophy crafted initially by FDR which FINALLY, after a Great Depression and much misery, placed PEOPLE over property. This is what the Depression of 1929 was about, it is what the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was about and this is what it is about during the much needed financial reform and health care legislation which is the hallmark of the Great Recession of 2008.

When Republicans take off their sheets, CARE about the entire humanity of this land, vote on issues for the PEOPLE and not only for the property of the wealthiest 2% billionaires then I will think about TRYING to work with them. Until then forgetaboutit. The divide is MUCH too deep!